Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rbk EDGE Uniform Ranking

The ratings are in! Here is the official ranking for the new Rbk EDGE uniforms as decided by you, the readers, here at NHLToL.

4.3Boston Bruins
4.1Montreal Canadiens
4.1Washington Capitals
4.0St. Louis Blues
4.0Chicago Blackhawks
3.9Columbus Blue Jackets
3.8Detroit Red Wings
3.8Tampa Bay Lightning
3.6Phoenix Coyotes
3.6New York Rangers
3.6Minnesota Wild
3.5New Jersey Devils
3.4Los Angeles Kings
3.4San Jose Sharks
3.4Ottawa Senators
3.3Philadelphia Flyers
3.3Pittsburgh Penguins
3.3Carolina Hurricanes
3.3Calgary Flames
3.1Vancouver Canucks
3.1Buffalo Sabres
3.0Florida Panthers
3.0Colorado Avalanche
3.0Nashville Predators
2.9New York Islanders
2.9Atlanta Thrashers
2.7Dallas Stars
2.6Toronto Maple Leafs
2.6Edmonton Oilers
2.6Anaheim Ducks

This ranking was reached by averaging the ratings chosen by voters in each of the individual Rbk EDGE Review posts. I reviewed all 30 NHL uniforms and within each review was a poll where readers could rate the uniform. See all 30 reviews.

All 30 polls will remain open forever so folks can continue to keep casting votes. The above ranking is based on results as of this morning. Any changes after more votes are cast would be negligible and wouldn't count for this ranking.

One other note is that despite how it may appear above, there were no ties in the rankings. For the purposes of this post, each rating was rounded to the nearest tenth of a point. For example, while the Canadiens and Capitals each received a 4.1, if you look further beyond the decimal, you'd see that the Habs have 4.146 while the Caps have 4.089, which is why the Canadiens are ahead of the Capitals. Make sense?

Hope you guys enjoyed the reviews! Please leave your comments below.

Poll: Barons Franchise Logos


They were first the California Seals. Then the Oakland Seals. Then the California Golden Seals before moving to Cleveland to become the Barons. Finally, this franchise folded and merged with the Minnesota North Stars. But before they folded, which logo do you think was their best?

Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Sun Oct 28
Poll closing date
Thu Nov 1