Friday, August 17, 2007

Sens, Sharks Uniform Fan Art

We've seen the new logos (unofficially for one) but we've yet to see the new uniforms that go with them. So why not muse on the Ottawa Senators and San Jose Sharks briefly?

I like the red Senators jerseys a lot, but the black doesn't look half bad. Though in reality, odds are highly in favor of the Sens wearing the red at home this fall. The teaser pic on their web site seems to suggest that. Could be misleading, but I doubt it. I like the larger shoulder patch. More teams should do that. It looks really good.

The only problem I see with these two jerseys is the placement of the numbers on the sleeves. Way too low. Needs to be above the elbows. But wait! There's more!

Consider these concepts for the San Jose Sharks.

They're pretty sharp, if you ask me. They could do a lot worse. The new logo looks very good on these. I'd like to see a bigger shoulder logo a la the previous Ottawa concepts. But otherwise I don't have a lot to complain about. Though from everything we've read and heard, I'd lean more towards expecting less curved lines and more straight lines. However, I'm not sure how well that would go with this logo. It's quite curvy.

Anyway, it all remains to be seen. The Sharks have yet to announce a date for unveiling their jersey, but the Sens have said August 22 will be their release date.

Before I leave you to your own devices for the evening, though, I have a couple of alternates from the same artists who came up with these designs. I know the NHL is dropping the third jersey program for this season, but we can dream, can't we?

Enjoy the rest of your night and don't forget to vote on the Senators-Rangers poll tomorrow morning!

Getting All Conceptual On Logos

One of my favorite things is seeing the ideas people have come up with for new team logos. I always like to start off with the most outrageous stuff. So Montreal Canadiens fans, prepare to gouge out your own eyes (because I know you will).

That's an idea someone came up with to update the Habs' logo. Personally, I think it's interesting but that it doesn't outdo what they have now.

I'm sure the Montreal faithful have lost their lunch, but I'm all right with that. But in all fairness, what do you guys think? Is it really that bad, or would this be the way to go if things needed to change?

This next concept logo comes from designer Ian Baker. He worked on an idea for the New Jersey Devils.

It's interesting, I kind of like it but again I'm not sure it would be much of an improvement on what they currently wear. I really like the Devils logo. It's one of those logos that will live on as an NHL classic a century from now.

It turns out the same ad agency who designed the first Tampa Bay Lightning logo I posted on Wednesday, came up with another idea. More of a word mark, but here it is.

It's pretty cool. I don't like the puck in it, but that's just me.

And finally, I'll leave you with a design that I feel would actually be an improvement for the Washington Capitals. I don't really like their new logo. I was a fan of the bronze and blue. But even if they had to switch back to the red, white and blue, what about keeping the logo. Something like this?

If you've got any thoughts or comments on these designs or any others, you know where to put them. Right down there in the comments section.

Mailbag: You Can Stop Sending These Now

All right, I've said I don't want to get bogged down in the whole video game screen grab thing, but I think popular demand almost requires this one. I've gotten about a dozen emails in the last 24 hours with the following images attached or linked.

From what I've been told, what you're seeing in these pictures is a page from the official Xbox magazine — a yet-to-be released issue I'm assuming. Apparently, the picture above shows a game between the Coyotes and Sharks (a completely new San Jose design we've yet to be treated to officially) in EA Sports' NHL 08. The picture you see here to the left, although blurry, supposedly shows the Oilers and Canucks.

I can't speak to the veracity of these pictures nor really anything else with regard to them. But I just wanted to post them in the hopes that my awesome readers would stop sending me them.

Once again, I don't mind you guys sending in screen grabs from video games, but don't expect me to post them too often. If we're going to see official new jerseys, I'd prefer photos. Thanks everyone!

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