Monday, September 17, 2007

Get Ready For A New Tourney!

As you know, the hockey season is nearing and that means the inaugural NHL Tournament of Logos is winding down. After tonight, just four logos will remain as we prepare to name one the best logo in the National Hockey League.

Planning Ahead
So I'm planning ahead. A lot of you have expressed interest in this site continuing past the unveilings of all the new Rbk EDGE jerseys and the logo tournament. Well as I've said, there's so much more we have left to do.

We can decide on the best secondary logo, the best vintage logo, the best third jersey logo — the list goes on and on. But we have to go one step at a time. Today I added a new poll to the sidebar so you can vote on which logo set we should decide the best of next. You can vote for one, two or all three categories if you'd like.

Like I've said before, this blog is for you guys. Just let me know what you want to vote on next, and we'll do it. Currently, you can choose from vintage logos (we'll use a pool of 16 chosen at random), secondary logos (we'll use a pool of all the current secondary marks), and third jersey logos (the pool will consist of all third jerseys since the program was introduced in 1995).

I know many of you have inquired about doing a jersey tournament. We'll get to that. But first let's do another set of logos. The site is called the NHL Tournament of Logos after all.

Reebok Reviews
That reminds me. Beginning a week from today I'm going to start a month-long Rbk EDGE series. Each day, I'm going to review a different jersey until we've done all 30 teams. Along with each review will be a poll so you guys can rate each new uniform.

Then sometime in the winter, midway through the hockey season, we'll do a tournament of jerseys. We'll set up a new bracket and you'll be able to vote on which is the league's best. I want to wait until the winter so that we can have some time to get used to them. Don't want to go around making snap judgments now, do we? We'll give them some time to sink in and then they'll be fair game — pitting one sweater versus another.

Your Opinion Matters!
And one final thought. I know I've only offered up three categories for the next logo tournament, but if you have an idea you think should be considered, I'm all ears. You can leave a comment on this post or email me directly at

Also worth mentioning is this. You've noticed the Logo History polls that I've been conducting on the days when I don't have a new poll for the tournament itself. The same will go for the next tournament, except with a twist. You'll be voting on the best logo of a relocated franchise. For example, we'll pit Whalers against Hurricanes, Nordiques against Avalanche, and Jets against Coyotes.

Anyway, I can't tell you how excited I am about this! The response from everyone has been amazing. I really can't believe how many people continue to visit this site and vote everyday. As long as you guys keep making it worthwhile, I'll keep updating the blog. Thanks again for dropping in and please email at any time!


GregS said...

Hey Chris - thee only problem that I have with 'third jersey' logos is that there are no longer any third jerseys. Also, many of them were used on one of the two other jerseys. Just a thought

Chris said...

Hi Greg! There aren't any vintage logos either (that's what makes them "vintage") but that's no reason not to do a tournament. And as far as the third jersey logos being the same as the primaries, I would contend that that was rare. I think a majority of the third jerseys used alternate logos. Either way, I think it would make an interesting choice. But ultimately, I'm leaving that decision up to the voters! Thanks!

BK said...

When doing the relocated logo poll don't forget about some of the old time franchise relocations like The Colorado Rockies to New Jersey Devils, Atlanta Flames to Calgary, and a bit more recent with the Minnesota North Stars to Dallas.
I love the old Atlanta Flames logo which the Calgary Flames still (at least last year) use for their Alternate captain 'A' on the jerseys.

IrishBlackhawk11 said...

hey how about an AHL logo tourney? or maybe even a concept design tourney for each team? collect some different concepts for each team-yes all 30 of em (sent in by us the fans) and have a tourney to decide who created the over-all best concept per team. that would be a very interesting,creative tourney.

Chris said...

IrishBlackhawk11, that's a really great idea! That wouldn't be one to do right away, but I'm definitely adding it to my list of future options. Thanks!

New York Hockey Ron-J said...

New Sharks Jerseys up

phxcoyotes26 said...

Isn't a third jersey logo a type of secondary logo? What's the difference?

IrishBlackhawk11 said...

phxcoyotes26, a secondary logo is the logo found on the shoulder of the jersey. for example-the blackhawks primary logo is the indian head and their secondary logo is the C with the tomahawks. A third jersey is usually just an alternate color (for example the hawks alternate is their black jerseys) and they usually feature either the same primary logo as their home/away jerseys (like the hawks do) or just an alternate logo (i believe the oilers had an alternate logo on their alternate jerseys last year). hope that helped :)

Joel said...

You should first fix the vote system so that one person can't vote in a poll more than once.

Right now, I could stuff the ballot box as much as I want.

Gil said...

How about something on minor league hocky RBK unis?

Ranger Blue said...

How about the primary logos vs third jersey logos

seejay14 said...

I know that this site is designed to vote on logo/jersey type things, but what about having a poll to vote on the best goalie masks of all time. I could see it working, but it's just a suggestion. Thanx.