Sunday, March 2, 2008

Canada II: Ottawa & Montreal

Tonight's all about the Sens and Habs. I've been sent some really nice Ottawa concept art over the last few weeks. Also some really strange stuff. Take a look for yourself.

I really love that 2D logo. I wish the Lightning had a logo that looked that good. Here's a different set along the same lines.

The next design has odd striping patterns in my opinion.

And finally, all the talk about third jerseys brings this black version of the Sens' sweater.

The last two items are Canadiens logos. The first one's pretty self-explanatory to anyone who knows the logo history of the Montreal Canadiens.

This one would work if the Habs were to change their name to the Quebec Canadiens. Or something like that, I guess.

Tomorrow will be Calgary and Edmonton. Tuesday will be Vancouver. In the meantime, I'm almost all packed and more than ready for my vacation. I'll be in Canada in about 65 hours from now. Can't wait!