Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rbk EDGE Review: Kings

Part 17 of 30. All 30 NHL clubs have unveiled new jerseys under the new Rbk EDGE Uniform System for the 2007-08 season. Here at the NHLToL, we're going to review every one of them. Read up and then rate the new sweaters. We'll do a full ranking after completing all of the reviews.

Rbk EDGE Uniform System

Los Angeles Kings

New Uniforms

Old Uniforms

The Unveiling
Friday, June 22. The Kings unveiled their new jerseys to fans at a draft day party in Los Angeles.

Home vs. Road
Home: Black. Road: White. The two sweaters are essentially mirror images of each other and feature secondary logo patches on the shoulders.

The black home jerseys feature purple shoulder yokes with silver trim. Spaced silver-purple-silver stripes wrap around the elbow with the purple stripe being the thickest. The text "LOS ANGELES" runs across the bottom of the front of the sweater in silver letters with a purple stroke. The collar is silver with purple trim on the inside and the primary logo serves as the crest.

The white road jerseys feature purple shoulder yokes with silver trim. Black-silver-purple-black-silver stripes wrap around the elbow with the purple stripe being the thickest. The text "LOS ANGELES" runs across the bottom of the front of the sweater in purple letters with a silver stroke. The collar is silver with black trim on the inside and the primary logo serves as the crest.

In The Details
A unique aspect of the Kings' uniforms is the city name across the bottom. The same numbering and lettering style has been retained.

New & Old
The new sweaters are primarily the same as the old with some slight modifications. The horizontal striping around the waist is gone and the shoulder yokes are rounded at the end instead of coming to a point as they did on the old jerseys. The elbow striping remains the same, however.

Standard FAQ
Numbers on the front? No.
Laces at the collar? No.

NHLToL Editorial by Chris
The Kings are one of the most interesting-looking teams if for no other reason than their use of the color purple — an element unique to them. Their color scheme is one of my favorites, league-wide. It doesn't adhere to the red/blue standard. In fact, it sort of mixes them. Even the name across the bottom is cool — so long as it doesn't get stolen by other teams. My one quibble would be with the color of the home sweater. I'd love to see them go with the purple jersey they wore as an alternate last year on a permanent basis. But we can't have everything, can we? 4/5

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Anonymous said...

Not a fan of the logo and really don't like the name at the bottom...original sure...but still don't like

Matthew said...

Yet another redundant wordmark...

All hail the manipulated one! said...

Taking the color away from the bottom around the 'LA' gives it an unfinished look. This is typical of all the RBKcrap lacross shirts that the players are wearing this year.

breezer28e said...

personally i think that the los angeles along the bottom of the jersey looks pretty awesome.

as much as we like the traditional horizontal stripe along the bottom, unfortunately they just dont work right with the new cut of the EDGE jerseys (check out the white ranger jerseys, the curved hem looks like an apron tied around their backs) and despite the amount of people that protest them, the jerseys are here to stay. get used to it...

back to the city name along the bottom...IMO it gives the jersey the finished look of a horizontal stripe without the saggy apron look seen with colored stripes. the only other alternative i see that has been working well are the thin stripes that run along the bottom of the jersey (i.e. islanders, blue jackets)

definately one of my favorites right now along with washington and columbus.

Jason said...

The Kings jersey and colours have grown on me over the years. I don't usually like colours like black and silver being used a lot in uniforms, but for some reason it works here. Not great, but good.

OC King said...

ugly, ugly, ugly.

The only good thing about this jersey is that they left the crown logo alone.

The "Los Angeles" at the bottom is terrible, and without the wide bottom stripe, the whole thing looks bad. The funny thing is that nobody in L.A. cares about hockey, but the Kings choose to put "Los Angeles" at the bottom of their jersey. It looked silly when they did it the first time, and it looks worse now without the stripe.

The arm stripe was changed a bit for no good reason.

This jersey could have been tinkered with a bit to improve it, instead RBK ruined it and Kings management drank their Koolaid.

Also I do not like that the shoulder accent stripe was rounded off, instead of previous stripe that came to more of a point. Looking a pics from past jerseys, the old ones looked better again.

There is NOTHING about this new RBK jersey that is better than last year's jersey. And I'm not even going to start talking about the terrible fabric.

If is right up (down) there with the Burger King jersey, IMO.

zdaddy said...

Am I the only one who still thinks of the Kings as a black and silver team? I was hugely disapointed back in 98 when the kings changed thier colors, and again I was disapointed when I thought just maybe the Kings might go back to black and silver for the begining of this year, oh well. These uniforms do look better than last years as Im happy they got rid of the bottom stripe, and I do like the "Los Angeles" on the bottom. The black jersey is quite cool but the white jersey is a little hum drum. I guess Im just bitter that they didnt go back of black and silver. 3 and half stars out of 5.

Anonymous said...

I was a bit nervous about the new uniform and how it would look this year, but honestly I like it a lot, not because I'm a Kings fan, but because these uniforms actually look nice. Most people so far above my comment hate these uniforms, well maybe it's because you guys hate our team, or maybe you just hate the colors...but ehh, your opinion against mines and mines is that I like them a lot especially the road uniforms

Aaron DeVandry said...

They just look really classy. Not too busy; the LOS ANGELES across the bottom looks great.