Tuesday, September 4, 2007

CBC Radio Appearance For NHLToL

So you've been reading the blog, but would you like to hear me talk about it on the radio? CBC has asked me to do an interview tomorrow afternoon about my NHL Tournament of Logos blog. Can you believe that?

Apparently, we're going to tape the interview early in the day Wednesday and it will air on CBC Radio One in Vancouver (690 AM) at about 4:40 PM locally (7:40 PM Eastern time). So be sure to tune in! My guess is we'll talk about the tournament in general as well as our thoughts about the new Rbk EDGE uniforms of which I've been trying diligently to cover this offseason.

For those of you who live outside of Vancouver, the show will be streamed online at cbc.ca/bc. Then under the Listen Live link, choose 690 AM Vancouver. I'm pretty excited!

I hope most of you will listen and I hope I don't trip over my mouth too much!

Flames Unveil New Uniforms!

The Calgary Flames have become the 14th NHL team to unveil their new Rbk EDGE uniforms. Check out Craig Conroy modeling the newest in the progression of Flames sweaters.

The element that seems to be causing the most controversy is the patch on the right shoulder which is the flag of the province of Alberta.

The left shoulder of the jersey features the Canadian flag. From the team's official release: “Among the enhancements, we are pleased to carry our National and Provincial flags on our home and road jerseys this season,” said Flames President & CEO Ken King.

“As proud Canadians and proud Albertans, our desire is to display the identity of our country and province and carry them throughout North America and the world. Our jersey incorporates our strong history, the latest in technology, and is something our players and fans will be proud to wear.”

These new jerseys are very nice and Flames fans should be thrilled! Enjoy your big day!

Coming tomorrow... the Pittsburgh Penguins.

UPDATE (5:06 PM): Thought you guys might like to see these jerseys on players in full gear. Here, Dion Phaneuf and Matt Lombardi model the new uniforms at the unveiling ceremony at Flames Central today.

I can't say I have any complaints. I'm really liking the giant logos on the front. I never liked the huge jerseys with such small logos on the front. Never really made any sense to me. It's your team's symbol. Show it off, dammit!

Anyway, thanks for the comments you guys have posted so far. I'm sure there will be many more to come. As for my two cents, I think the flag shoulder logos are a very nice touch. I don't think the blue flag clashes at all. I think it just stands out.

I also like the idea someone suggested of the Oilers incorporating a new shoulder logo with the outline of Alberta. The Lightning's secondary logo has an outline of the state of Florida and I really like that.

AHL Announces Rbk EDGE Switch!

I know this isn't NHL news, but it deals with the new Rbk EDGE jerseys, so I felt it was relevant. The American Hockey League announced today that they will be switching to Reebok's new style of uniforms.

The wonderful folks at TheAHL.com are even keeping their own gallery of all the new sweaters as they're unveiled — just like what I'm doing for the NHL. You can see their gallery here.

My only attachment to the AHL would be the Norfolk Admirals who are affiliated with my Tampa Bay Lightning. But look at this...

... these jerseys were unveiled today but they have the old Lightning logo on the shoulders! What's with that?

Also, I thought I'd send shout-outs to Admiral fans Jonathan and Charlie who have been keeping me up to date on AHL jersey news. Thanks guys!

Preview New Flames Threads

The Calgary Flames won't make an official announcement until later today, but here's what their new Rbk EDGE uniforms look like. A couple of fans got their hands on the official online photo gallery this morning before it was taken down.

I'll obviously have more later today. Until then, notice the new shoulder patches. Canadian flag on one side. Albertan flag on the other. Very unique.

Canadiens Unveil New Uniforms!

This morning, the Montreal Canadiens unveiled their brand new Rbk EDGE uniforms to little fanfare. Overall, there were no major changes. The jerseys were merely adapted to the new style and cut, just as we'd expected. I have all the juicy details and photos below.

Before I go on though, I really need to send a huge thanks to the huge number of readers who emailed in links and photos. You guys are awesome! And you're the reason why I write this blog! I'm sorry I couldn't get stuff posted earlier, but I was amidst a live television show that begged my full attention. Moving along now.

Here's a shot of the back of the home sweater.

I also got an email with someone wondering whether the LNH logo would be used on the collar as opposed to NHL.

There's your answer. One last extreme close up photo and then I'll turn it over to you all for your comments.

I think these uniforms are great! Habs fans should be proud. Enjoy your big day!

UPDATE (1:40 PM): It's always nice to see what these jerseys actually look like on players. Here you see Cristobal Huet and Maxim Lapierre donning the new duds.

Remember you can find these and many other photos of all the new sweaters in my official Rbk EDGE photo gallery.

And if you have other photos of the jerseys that I haven't posted, send them along and I'll add them to the gallery.

Poll: Sabres Logo History


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Minnesota Wild

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