Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Canada IV: Vancouver

Last of the Canada posts here before I start my journey to the Pacific Northwest tomorrow. Naturally, I've got Canucks concepts.

This is a nice, simple set. Same logo on both jerseys, sans the VANCOUVER across the top of the chest.

I like it but my vote still goes for the V logo that we've been getting a split response over.

And I think I like the green one better. Speaking of green Canucks jerseys...

Yeah so that's really something else.

Sorry for the short post, but I'm ready to go on vacation. I'm sure you'll hear from me this week. If nothing else, I'll try to write about my experience at GM Place on Thursday night. I'm going to see the Canucks play the Predators. Should be a blast!

Result: Mighty Ducks vs Bruins


Usually a congratulatory message goes here, but Anaheim Mighty Ducks' third jersey logo has been named by you the voters here at NHLToL as the very WORST in the history of the league! The Ducks garnered a whopping 65% of the vote in the final poll to take the title. In fact, the Ducks logo won a higher percentage of every poll it was in than any other logo in any other tournament on this site. Quite a feat.

My thanks go out to everyone who voted! Nearly 60,000 ballots were cast since mid-January when the Quest For The Worst began. The quest is now over and we can definitively say which logo is truly the worst — ever!

Just as a quick note, I know this post is coming a few days late. But as it turns out, I thought I'd already posted it. I wrote it but I guess I forgot to click that all important "publish" button. It's sort of the do or die aspect of the whole blogging thing. In any case, it's here now.

You're probably wondering what's next. Well so am I. I'm open to suggestions. I'm constantly being asked when we're going to do a jersey tournament. That can be next if you guys want it. We'd start with a preliminary round where you'd vote on each team individually. That is, you choose whether you like their home or away jersey better. That would be followed by a full league bracket wherein we pit team against team. The reason I'd do the preliminary round is that for some teams the away jersey might hold up better than the home. For example, look at the Stars.

That's one option. Another one I've considered is a concept art contest. Readers can send in and suggest concept jerseys or logos to be considered as finalists and go head-to-head in a battle of the best fan-made designs. Just a thought.

There are other options as well. I'd recommend taking a look at the "In The Pipeline" post from back in October. I'm going to add a poll to the sidebar when I get a chance so you can let me know what should be next. If there's anything else you guys are interested, leave a comment. But do it as soon as possible so I can get that poll added to the sidebar right away.