Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Rbk EDGE Review: Panthers

Part 9 of 30. All 30 NHL clubs have unveiled new jerseys under the new Rbk EDGE Uniform System for the 2007-08 season. Here at the NHLToL, we're going to review every one of them. Read up and then rate the new sweaters. We'll do a full ranking after completing all of the reviews.

Rbk EDGE Uniform System

Florida Panthers

New Uniforms

Old Uniforms

The Unveiling
Saturday, July 28. The Panthers unveiled their new jerseys to fans at the Year of the Rat Alumni game in Sunrise. Nathan Horton and Stephen Weiss modeled the jerseys on the ice in full gear.

Home vs. Road
Home: Blue. Road: White. The two sweaters are essentially mirror images of each other and both feature secondary logo patches on the shoulders with the primary logo serving as the crest.

The blue home jerseys feature thick red stripes extending from the shoulder the length of the sleeve, bordered in yellow piping. Yellow piping also runs down the front of the sweater from the neck line to the bottom. Spaced yellow-red-yellow stripes go around the underside of the elbows, stopping at the yellow piping along the sleeves. The collar is blue outlined in thin yellow piping.

The white road jerseys feature thick red stripes extending from the shoulder the length of the sleeve, bordered in blue piping. Blue piping also runs down the front of the sweater from the neck line to the bottom. Blue-red-blues stripes with yellow spacing go around the underside of the elbows, stopping at the blue piping along the sleeves. The collar is blue.

In The Details
The logo on the chest is now much larger than before. The same numbering and lettering style has been retained.

New & Old
The Panthers new jerseys differ in several minor ways from the old ones. Gone are the slanted stripes around the sleeves and the pointed shoulder yokes. The horizontal stripes around the waist have also been removed. The Panthers did keep the primary and secondary logos in the same location as well as sticking with blue for the home jersey. Little else has really changed. Mainly, piping has been introduced along with stripes extending past the shoulders and down the sleeve.

Standard FAQ
Numbers on the front? No.
Laces at the collar? No.

NHLToL Editorial by Chris
My initial reaction to the new Panthers jerseys was good. On first glance, I thought they were really sharp. But if you really look at them, you notice how busy they are. We see a lot of piping and the clash of horizontal and vertical stripes at the elbow. While it doesn't look great on the rack, this is one jersey that is very nice looking on the ice. Still, one annoying trend among the new EDGE sweaters with piping is the captains' letter crossing that line. I could live without that. But aside from some tiny nitpicks, I think this is a very nice looking jersey. 4/5

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kcksave72 said...

How can you say they look sharp on the ice? The piping makes them look terrible. Look at the C, it makes it look terrible

Jason said...

Whoever came up with that half-stripe idea needs to be slapped.
Whoever decided to use it needs to be slapped harder.
Whoever decided that it would look even better without a contrasting colour on the rest of the sleeve, thus making the stripes just... end... needs to be fired.

Very sad Oilers fan here if you couldn't tell.

Darryl said...

whoever came up with the new jerseys in general should be slapped. If only everyone in the nhl had mike keenan's magic vetoing powers...we might have been spared this travesty.

and for the recored that jersey he did veto was sexy.

Anonymous said...

Piping and WAY too busy...a complete eyesore

Matthew said...

Full-length shoulder/arm yoke = BLERK!

CarbonKid said...

How does this atrocity get a 4 but the Coyotes get a 3? Phoenix has classy jerseys with a much better logo. Florida looks (and consequently plays) like a goddamn AHL team.

That crest is just too big, its irritating.

Drew Celestino said...

As I told you guys before, look straight to Reebok (and possibly the mighty NHL itself) for all your Edge design hatred.

Teams may get "final say," but somehow I bet there's a lot going on behind the scenes.

Charlie said...
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Charlie said...

Chris, You like Florida but think Edmonton looks like a practice jersey?

Ogre said...

I didn't mind this uniform until I saw it on the ice. When the Panthers play on the road in their whites, they look like the Flyers. That's about all I can say on this. It might be because I'm colorblind, but, the Flyers had that scheme first. Sorry, Florida!

zdaddy said...

The Panthers jersey is one that I have never really liked since day 1. When they first came out with these jerseys over 10 years ago, I thought these jerseys looked just like Calgarys. No orginality, I noticed they dont wear the red anymore and replaced it with blue, I still dont like it. The logo looks like a surprised cat caught in the headlights. The new design makes the elbows and sleeve ridiculous. Not impressed. 2 stars out of 5.