Friday, August 24, 2007

New Source For Bolts Logo Leak?

The Tampa Bay Lightning's new logo may have been leaked back in July but we'll obviously find out tomorrow whether that's true or not. Reaffirming that belief are these photos of a new hat.

The team has responded to the original leak by saying that it's close but not quite how the new logos will look. That seems to be confirmed by the secondary logo seen on the brim of the hat. You'll notice the blue Florida outline is missing. Makes it a very dull logo, doesn't it?

Anyway, I'll save my commentary on the new logo for when it becomes official. And that will be tomorrow. It pains me, but I will not be able to show up for the event. As you know the Lightning are my team and I had planned on attending and shooting my own photos and video to post here as "exclusive content." But unfortunately, my plans have changed. I'll be here and posting images. Sad for me, but good for you guys.

To any Lightning fans reading, I'd be more than grateful to you if you could send in photos and/or video since I can't be there myself.

Until then, you know I always have concept art up my sleeve. I came across these long ago but just realized I have yet to post them on this site.

These are from two separate design sets, but both feature redesigned logos. I don't care for the first one, but I could live with the second.

Any thoughts? Be sure to check back tomorrow. The Lightning are scheduled to unveil the new logos and threads at noon. I'll have photos as soon as they're available.

New Concept Feature Coming Soon

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I'm always coming up with new ideas to implement. Came up with another one today.

I've posted so many concept designs in the last few months and so many more have been sent to me just in the last few weeks. At the moment, it requires a lot of searching around the blog to find them all. So to help in compiling them all in one place, I'll be creating a photo gallery where you can view all of the concept jerseys I've posted — and some I haven't.

You'll be able to find those galleries along with the galleries of the new official Rbk EDGE uniforms being unveiled league-wide.

Just giving you all something to look forward to. I'm going to try and get it started tonight but a majority of the work will probably be done this weekend when I have time. Thanks to everyone for the support both in the comments and by email. You're all awesome!

Your Daily Dose Of Canucks

You'd think my favorite team was the Vancouver Canucks the way I post about them. (Actually, the Lightning are as you know and I have lots for them later on today!) Anyway, I think it's just that Canucks fans are the most curious about their team's new logo and uniforms based on their decades old identity crisis.

Epitomizing that identity crisis is the mish-mash logo I posted on Tuesday. But the designer of it made some adjustments and improvements in coloring. I think they're worth a look so I thought I'd post that.

Drool over that, Vancouverites! And try and convince me you wouldn't give your left nut to have your team wear a jersey with this on the crest. Anyway, in all seriousness it's a very clever design. Whoever designed it needs to work for Conan O'Brien.

In addition, the Hockey Hall of Fame web site apparently leaked the new Canucks logo on a hat.

While the primary logo seems to lack green, it certainly seems to be a part of the overall team colors. It also appears we should expect the old stick-in-rink logo on the shoulders as a secondary.

That's all for today. Until the next time, enjoy this look back at the history of the Vancouver uniform, courtesy of

Musing On Minnesota

With the Minnesota Wild releasing a teaser photo yesterday and the official unveiling date of their new Rbk EDGE uniforms, it's gotten the wheels turning within the graphically-inclined among you.

A widely held belief based on that image is that the Wild jerseys will closely resemble those unveiled by the New York Islanders recently. Here's the image I'm speaking of.

Colors aside, the basic design seems to match the Isles so far as we can see. Here's what one fan came up with.

I can't really lodge a complaint over that. I've always like the Wild's jerseys — green, white or red. These would be especially nice though. For another look, a reader recolored an Isles jersey for us.

Also pretty cool if you ask me. Now I'm asking you — Wild fans, especially. Are these the way to go? Would they make the Wild one of the NHL's best-dressed teams? Or do they leave you more or less indifferent?

UPDATE (4:10 PM): Our friend Lucas who came up with the concept based off of the Islanders new Rbk EDGE jersey, sent in a road version of the jersey. See what you think.

At Last: Devils Concept Art

This one goes out to all my New Jersey Devils fans out there. Go get hit by a train! No, I'm kidding. But your team has knocked mine out of more than its share of playoff series. And for that, I — on behalf of my Lightning — hold a grudge. Still, I'm willing to help you out here. I've been sent concept jerseys for the Devils. Peruse at your pleasure.

You might notice the basic layout looks an awful lot like what the San Jose Sharks have worn in recent years. But I like these because they suggest horns. What do you guys think? Worth considering or should they stick with what they know and avoid any big changes?

Poll: Lightning vs Flyers

Tampa Bay

Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results! By the way, just like with the Senators in their match with the Rangers, when the Lightning unveil their new logo on August 25, it will take effect on this poll that day or the day after. So the "old logo" will only be here for just one or two days. I know the timing is funky but bear with me if you can.

Poll opening date
Aug 24 @ 4:15 AM
Poll closing date
Aug 31 @ 11:59 PM


Result: Canadiens vs Islanders


78% 8,100 votes

New York

22% 2,307 votes

10,407 total votes

Montreal Canadiens
Advancing to Quarterfinals to face Pittsburgh Penguins

New York Islanders

Poll opening date
Aug 16 @ 4:38 AM
Poll closing date
Aug 23 @ 11:59 PM