Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Penguins Unveil New Uniforms!

The Pittsburgh Penguins have officially unveiled their new Rbk EDGE uniforms tonight!

The first thing you'll notice is the shoulder patch featured the recolored '90s logo is absent. I think some Penguins fans find that to be an upgrade. Though the general consensus seems to be that the jerseys are an overall downgrade.

From the side and back views, you can see the striping along the sides that coincides with the leaked images we saw back in July. Even the giant numbers on the back match. And maybe it's just me but those numbers do seem awfully large. Not a complaint, just an observation.

Not a bad uniform set, overall, if you ask me. Plain but elegant. And no matter what, you can't please everybody. You'll always have your critics. But personally, I offer kudos to the Pens for not going overboard.

Before I take off, have a close-up look at the road jersey collar complete with the NHL logo.

And as always, you can find more photos of these new sweaters at my official Rbk EDGE gallery. Enjoy your night, Pens fans!

UPDATE (7:07 PM): A lot of you have been wondering what the new special shoulder logo looks like. This photo of Maxime Talbot modeling the new road jersey shows there's a patch there but doesn't offer a very good look.

When I come across a better photo, I'll post it right here.

UPDATE (9/6 2:21 AM): Thanks to everybody who emailed in this photo while I was asleep last. For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, have a look for yourself.

Here you see Talbot signing an autograph with a shoulder patch that reads "Pittsburgh 250" — not a 40th anniversary logo. Though I'm not even sure I'd go so far as to call it a logo. That's not a dig, I'm just saying.

Anybody know if that patch is on both shoulders or just the right? Seems like every photographer there was confined to the left side of the room because all the angles I've seen only show the right shoulder clearly.

Preview The New Pens Threads

The Pittsburgh Penguins will unveil their new Rbk EDGE jerseys in just over an hour. But we have them early! Big thanks to a reader who found a couple of links via the shop. Take a gander!

They're a little plain compared to the pictures we first saw — likely prototypes Reebok pitched to the team that were ultimately turned down. Overall, they're sharp and very clean looking. For those of you keeping track, they're dead ringers for the new Senators jerseys as far as basic design.

Thanks to Wayne for the links! More to come tonight!

Prepping For The Pens' Unveiling

As we ready ourselves to see the new Pittsburgh Penguins uniforms, I have concepts to post. This first one is based loosely off of the alleged leaked images we got a glimpse of back in July.

Strangely enough, the photos we saw — which may or may not have any validity — did not have the gold '90s logo on the shoulders. Will the Pens be getting rid of it entirely? The team has already said to expect a new "special" patch on the new jerseys. A lot of Pittsburgh folks are theorizing that it will be a 40th anniversary logo. That makes perfect sense to me.

I'm not expecting to see anything much different from those photos. For a refresher:

By the way, I was emailed a very cool concept design for the Pens.

Yeah. So whenever someone asks you what a "fierce" penguin looks like, show them this image. In fact, show them this image when they want to know what a fierce logo looks like. Check out the pecs on that bird. That penguin scares the bejesus out of me. Pens fans, I'd like to know what you think of that. Do you prefer your penguin or one more like this?

Anyway, enjoy your day. Like I said, I'll have photos up as soon as I can.

UPDATE (4:10 PM): You can read more about the event tonight in an article I posted last week. Enjoy!

Big Day For Penguins

Pens fans, it's your big day today! Later on the Pittsburgh Penguins will unveil their brand new Rbk EDGE uniforms. Until that happens, the team has posted a teaser photo on their web site.

The unveiling ceremony will take place at the Galleria at Pittsbrugh Mills at 6:30 PM. I'll have photo as soon as I can.

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Hurricanes' New Sweaters Coming Early

A couple of people emailed me a link to this post at the The News & Observer regarding 'Canes jersey news.

According to writer Luke DeCock, the Carolina Hurricanes will unveil their new Rbk EDGE uniforms tomorrow afternoon at the RBC Center in Raleigh. Now, before you start commenting with links to pictures from EA Sports' NHL 08, I know all about them but I don't consider video game renderings to be actual images of the new uniforms. For that, we need good old-fashioned photographs.

And apparently we're getting them on Thursday.

September 4, 2007

New uniforms unveiled Thursday

The Hurricanes will unveil their new Rbk uniforms at a press conference Thursday afternoon at the RBC Center. Eric Staal, Justin Williams, Erik Cole and Ray Whitney are scheduled to attend.

One new, new addition: a patch commemorating the franchise's 10th season in North Carolina.

Fans can get their first look at the new uniforms on Sept. 16 at the Caniac Carnival. The Canes will wear them in the preseason game against the Capitals that afternoon.

As you know, I'd previously reported the unveiling date as September 16. It's been corrected in the sidebar countdown.

Thanks to all of you who emailed in with this info!

I'll have photos posted as soon as I can. Just remember, I usually don't get home from work until after 12 PM (Eastern) and I can't post anything until then. 'Canes fans, your big day is tomorrow! Get excited!

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