Monday, August 27, 2007

Just To Freak You Out, Part 1 of 5

Today I'm starting a weeklong feature I hope you all will enjoy. As the title implies, the images I post here are meant to freak you out a bit so don't be surprised if you see the weird and wacky in what follows.

I've gotta kick it off with this photo because it's what gave me the idea for this series.

This photo comes from a bored fan at a Vancouver Canucks message board. Talk about identity crisis. How about those colors? Black, silver and neon green. Don't miss the recolored flying skate logo on the shoulder and the neon green Johnny Canuck on the side of Roberto Luongo's helmet. Stunning. Absolutely marvelous.

It gets better.

Now speaking as a Lightning fan, I can honestly say that is one color scheme I would have never dreamed up. It's not a horrible design on its own, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to recognize Vinny, Marty and Brad underneath all that... whatever it is.

But let's not stop there.

Sabres fans, have you ever considered going with a blue and gold goathead for your primary logo?

Part of me wants to think someone was just trying to prove how silly a yellow buffalo would look (see the current "Buffaslug" logo). But the part of me that attempts the use of logic fears someone honestly considered that to be a decent option.

Take me now!

If none of that has given you nightmares, then I'm not doing my job. Read on.

Friends, you won't believe the scariest thing about this beast. It's real. This sweater — if we can call it that without sullying the name of actual hockey sweaters everywhere — was actually produced for the St. Louis Blues. I'm not kidding. Surnames and numbers were stitched onto it. But with thanks to the holiest of gods, it was never actually worn during an NHL game.

Mike Keenan may have made some bad decisions in his life, but his refusal to allow his team to wear this monstrosity in 1996 is not among them. Can you imagine? Blues fans, you dodged a bullet and you will forever be in Keenan's debt. And do not ever forget that!

All right, now it's your turn. What do you guys think of these designs? Comment below.

I'll have more crazy designs all week. And as always, if you've seen any crazy designs or have some of your own, I'd love to see them. Email me at

Avalanche Concept Art

The Colorado Avalanche are one of five teams we have yet to see jerseys or get word of unveiling dates for. (The other four teams are the Sharks, Ducks, Sabres and Devils, by the way.) Anyway, I've got concept designs to share, as usual.

I'm beginning with something recognizable. Something like that would look very similar to what the Avs currently wear and there would likely not be the upheavel of discontent like what we're hearing out of Ottawa. And all said, those are pretty sharp anyone. The Avs would be lucky to wear something that nice.

These are pretty interesting too. The one on the left completely does away with the angled stripes along the sleeves and bottom of the jersey. I'm not sure how I feel about it — probably because its unfamiliar. I've always thought the Avs have been among the best in the league with regard to logo and uniforms. To see a big change from them would be jarring.

So you can imagine how I might feel about the "alternate" jersey on the right. I'm a fan of the over-sized shoulder patch but that's about the extent of it. Black does not work with the Avs' look. However, the bigfoot secondary logo on the front of the jersey is growing on me a little. Maybe they could go in that direction with the new jerseys.

Then I have this design. If the numbers on the front didn't turn you off, check out the bottom of the jersey. I'm not really sure what's going on there or what the artist was trying to achieve.

And finally, while I was in the middle of writing this post, I got a great email from Capouel. Check out these works of art.

Being that the Avalanche once existed as the Quebec Nordiques, I felt these were relevant to this post. For those who don't know, the crest featured in these designs were not created by the designer. In fact, this logo was meant to be used by the Nords beginning in the 1995-96. But before they could put the logo into effect, the team was moved to Denver.

This is what the Nordiques might look like today if they never moved. Anyway, that's all I have to say on the matter. What do you guys think?

Oilers Take Pre-Orders; Plus Concepts

The Edmonton Oilers have joined the Philadelphia Flyers in making their new Rbk EDGE uniforms available for pre-order prior to their unveiling. There's now an animation on the front page of their site.

Similar to other teams, they're trying to cash in on their heritage and tradition by saying, "the evolution of the Oilers jersey continues." The following information regarding the pre-sale comes directly from the Oilers' web site.

August 25, 2007

Pre-Purchase the all-new Oilers jersey!

The Edmonton Oilers will debut an all-new jersey for the 2007-08 season. We can't give you the exciting details of when and how the jersey will be revealed, but stay tuned here for details.

In the meantime, you can pre-purchase the Oilers jersey by clicking the link below. And best of all, if you purchase before September 7, you can have your jersey crested in time for pre-season.

So, not even date is provided. However, various sources have reported September 16 or 17. A source I trust more says th 16th and that's why that date is in the countdown.

In the meantime, you can always count on me for concept designs and I've got a few to share for the Oil.

This design was emailed to me by Josh. It's based a lot off of this year's all-star jerseys. Not too bad, though, if you ask me. They could do a lot worse. You might notice the old NHL logo on the collar. Not sure if that was done on purpose or not.

Another reader went all old school on us with this design he put on a piece of paper. I think the nameplate would be found in the blue area above the number on the back.

Very interesting though. Once again, they could do worse. I know a lot of you have been unhappy with most of the designs of the new Rbk EDGE jersey — save for the Bruins — but they're not all bad. It's definitely an intriguing time for the NHL and I'm kind of excited to be a part of it.

To see these and other Oilers concept designs, be sure to check out the Concepts Gallery!

UPDATE (3:23 PM): I meant to post this initially. It's caused quite a stir among Oilers fans. The photo you're looking at comes to us by way of and features new Oiler Sheldon Souray practicing with members of the Los Angeles Kings.

Apparently, what's got everyone in Edmonton in a tizzy is the pants he's wearing. They're saying the copper stripes are a new feature and may be an indication of what to expect for the new uniforms. Personally, as a non-Oiler fan, I couldn't even tell you how the old pants looked.

Anyway, there it is. Many of you have emailed me this image and I appreciate that but I also wanted to acknowledge that I have it and I've seen it. And now the rest of you have as well.

Pens Uniforms Coming September 5

I received an email from Matt at regarding the unveiling date of the new Pittsburgh Penguin Rbk EDGE uniforms.

Chris, just thought I'd let you know that I have breaking news on regarding the unveiling of the Penguins uniforms. If you use the information, please link to my site within the post.

The story reads:

"The Pittsburgh Penguins have chosen to keep their new uniforms under wraps, going so far as to not even announce a date for an unveiling.

But, I have learned through a very reliable source within the organization that the team will unveil its new uniforms Wednesday, September 5.

This is the same day the team's prospects camp will begin in Kitchner, Ontario.

At this point, my source was only able to disclose the date.

There is no word yet on what type of ceremony, if any, will accompany the public unveiling.

I will be sure to post any further updates as I receive them."

Thanks so much, and keep up the great work with your blog!


Thanks to Matt for the tip. The date has been added to the sidebar countdown.

As a reminder, we got a look at some alleged leaked images of the Pens' new jerseys back in July. One way or another, September 5 is the day we should find out for sure.

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