Monday, June 4, 2007

HF&P, Part 18: Los Angeles Kings II

I know we already did the Kings once back early on in Part 4. But another image has since surfaced that I felt like posting as part of the "Hockey Fans & Photoshop" series.

There it is, friends. Artwork at its finest. But seriously, it's cool in that it's different. I've always been a fan of trying something new. The LA on the front of the shoulder is interesting. Not sure about the pinstripes. I'd have to see it on an actual jersey. But there you have it.

That's all for tonight. More later.

Up next: the Vancouver Canucks.

HF&P, Part 17: San Jose Sharks

There's more in the "Hockey Fans & Photoshop" series today. Now we take a look at some interesting concepts for the San Jose Sharks.

So that's one, simply replacing the shark-biting-hockey-stick logo with the shark fin logo, which I sort of like. What I think is really cool is this design.

The red trim adds an awesome "blood-in-the-water" feel. So I like it. However, I'm pretty sure the Sharks have plans to unveil a new logo this offseason so I wouldn't count on this one sticking around in any form.

This is the last of the designs I wanted to post. It simply shows the current road jersey in the new Rbk EDGE style. It's rather basic and I kind of hope San Jose doesn't try anything similar to it.

There you have it. One more possibility for new uniforms come this fall.

Up next: the Los Angeles Kings — yes, for the second time. That will come tonight at some point.