Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back To The Canucks

It occurs to me I haven't posted any Vancouver Canucks concept art lately. Figured I ought to rectify that.

This design or a version of it has been floating around for a while as a dream third jersey for the Canucks. Unfortunately, the rumors have the stick-in-rink logo on the chest of the new alternate. On that same tack, how about another green one?

It's hard to deny they would look good in green. Or somebody would. Between the Stars and Wild, it's almost like someone in the NHL is deathly afraid of the color.

But if neither that nor the stick-in-rink is your cup of tea, how about stick-in-pond? A perfectly circular pond, that is.

There are even some folks partial to the good ol' whale — with the new colors.

Or you could just go way back and mess with everything.

I think we can safely count that one out as a potential third sweater contender.

More to come this week. And by the way, the images above, as with all images posted here, are the work of readers like you. To have your work posted on the blog for all to see, email it to me at nhllogos@gmail.com.

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