Thursday, November 1, 2007

Not Much Going On

Apologies, but the title says it all today. Not much going on. Freak Out Friday is tomorrow and I'm still in need of more crazy artwork from you guys, so send it along if you've got it!

All I can recommend today is that you get your votes in if you haven't yet. We're down to the final round in the Vintage Logo Tournament. It's Whalers against Sabres and so far, it's pretty close. Make sure your voice is heard. Go vote!

Also, if you haven't gotten involved yet in the AHL Tournament of Logos, now is your chance. We're getting into the second round now and the competition is fierce (well, kind of). Go cast your vote and help determine the best logo in the AHL!

And later this month, ToHL will turn its attention to the ECHL after we have an AHL champion. After that, we're moving on to other leagues. I'll hold a poll for that too so you guys can make your recommendations.

Hope you're enjoying your Thursday. And I hope you'll forgive today's lack of posts. I'm beat. For those of us who work in TV, an important month just started today. Check back for more tomorrow!

By the way, thanks to all of you who have stuck around. Yesterday, we surpassed the 3 million hit mark! Thanks for visiting! Now let's hit 4 million!