Sunday, April 29, 2007



Team Information
Team Colors / deep pacific teal, burnt orange, black
Inaugural Season / 1991-92 (16 years)
Current Logo / 2007-08 (0 years)

Tournament History

2007 Qualifying Tournament
6-8, 20 pts
Finished 8th in West; 17th overall


Anonymous said...

where is the damn "SJ" in the logo, someone circle it or something cuz i cant see it.

Chris said...

I kind of did circle it. More here.

Robb said...

I hate when teams change logos. Making them more modern I have no problem with. Such as this... infact. I think I'd be bold enough to say that SJ now has one of the most, if not the most bad-ass logo in the league.

Anonymous said... 2:27 mark might be the sharks new jersey

Anonymous said...

New logo is alright, based on the old one, the only thing is what the h3ll is up with the shark having a teal head?? thats the park that makes it look stupid