Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tournament Introduction

Welcome to the NHL Tournament of Logos!

The NHL season is coming to an end and that leaves scores of hockey fans everywhere with a very dull offseason ahead of them. Sure it's summertime and that means vacation and beaches and such. But that doesn't change the fact that there will be no hockey until September.

So to cure our pain, I've come up with a solution. The NHL Tournament of Logos is a fierce battle which pits team logos and nicknames against one another to determine who is the best. It's good, because with the Stanley Cup playoffs ending, we need an outlet for that competitive edge we've all got going.

Whether your team got eliminated too soon or went all the way, this tournament will be worth following. It's a whole new mini-season while we wait for 2007-08. Individual team schedules have been posted so you can follow along with your favorites. Just click on your team's name in the sidebar standings. Also posted are the rules and regulations of the tournament since every competition needs its edicts. And when the Stanley Cup Finals are over, that is when the fun begins. At the moment, Game 7 of the Finals is scheduled for June 11. But anything can happen. The schedule can change and the series may not even go to seven games. Regardless, the tournament will begin on June 12.

Basically, here's the way it works. The tournament will be played in a blog format. Each day, three or four matches will be "posted" here on the blog. A match features two teams in a one-on-one battle. Each team plays every team in its own conference. To find out more about how that works, check out the rules post. For now, just enjoy the rest of the playoffs and come back here when its all over.

Also, keep checking back here for updates as I plan to follow very carefully any logo or uniform related news and forward it on. As you know, next season will feature the introduction of the new Rbk EDGE uniforms and many teams will be redesigning logos and looks as well. And be sure to get in on the action and discuss your feelings by clicking on the comments of any post. We're looking forward to an awesome competition!