Saturday, September 1, 2007

Seeing Stars!

Hot off the presses at come photos of the Dallas Stars' Rbk EDGE uniforms...

...or so we'd be led to believe.

As many have stated, what stands out most is the lack of an NHL shield at the collar — a feature on all the new EDGE uniforms. But that's not the only reason why I'm leaning toward the belief that these are fakes. Look at the material. We've seen lots of photos of the new sweaters at this point. These seem too thin.

Check out the back of the collar where the tag is supposed to be. Nothing. And not a Reebok logo in sight. Another good question: Why is "DALLAS" written across the home black jersey? Shouldn't the home crowd know where their team is from? And why the lack of color and such thin striping around the sleeves?

You think you know where I'm going with this? No, it's not a Photoshop job. While I cannot state to an absolute certainty that is true since I've only been looking at these pictures for five minutes, I'd bet real money on it.

My feeling: Somebody actually made a mock-up of a Dallas Stars jersey — then took photos of it to pass off as a "leak." When Photoshop skills lack, tailoring skills can be money in the bank. Someone with a sewing machine and some extra fabric went out of their way to create a concept so much better in quality than any of the concepts I've ever featured on this site. You can actually touch that sucker.

So color me impressed. I don't want to sit here and tell you for a fact these aren't the jerseys, but there's too much wrong about them for me to believe it. And I've been looking at these jerseys for a long time while running this blog.

Now is your turn. Are these real or are we seeing stars?

UPDATE (8/2 2:03 PM): The general consensus seems to be that these uniforms belong to a junior team in Dallas which has traditionally worn the same sweaters as the Stars. Makes more sense than somebody creating a prototype just to have a little fun with people.

Anyway, it's not clear if that practice will continue and these are close to what the Stars' uniforms will look like or what. We'll have to wait until September 14 when the Stars are supposed to unveil their jerseys.

What To Expect In September And Beyond

Just wanted to pop in with some quick news and notes relating to the blog. As you know, September is upon us and that means 18 teams have about two weeks to unveil their new uniforms. It's going to be hectic this month but I mention it because this means I'll be more focused on actual jersey news than concept art. Not to worry though, I'll fit it in where I can and I'll keep adding stuff to the gallery.

Which brings me to my next point. I haven't written a lot of posts today, but I've been busy behind the scenes adding loads of new images to the two galleries I've set up. I've added at least one new image for every team in the Concepts Gallery. That's definitely worth a look. You'll find lots of new stuff all the time. I've been updating it nearly every day.

I've also been adding pictures to my official Rbk EDGE gallery — including the Philly and Minnesota leaks from the last couple of days. Even though the two teams haven't "officially" unveiled them, I'm counting them because they came through official team channels — the respective season ticket books.

It would be cruel of me to publish an entirely text-only post, so look at this. Somebody slapped a Whalers logo on the new Canucks unis. They forgot to write "HARTFORD" above it.

Anyway, I also wanted to let you guys know what I'm working on for the future of the blog. As you know, the primary focus of the site is the logo tournament. As of right now, nearly 225,000 votes have been cast. So I'd call it a success. A lot of you have emailed in asking what's next. The tournament ends on October 3 — opening night for the NHL. And as for the jersey news, they'll all be unveiled within the next few weeks.

Not to worry, though, NHLToL shall have life in October assuming you all want to keep coming back. Beginning on October 1, I'm going to start a month-long feature wherein I review all of the new Rbk EDGE uniforms. You'll be able to rate the uniforms and comment on the reviews.

On the tournament side, there will be plenty more where that came from. A new tournament is in the works. Beginning on September 17, you'll be able to vote on what the next one will determine. We can see who has the best vintage logo, secondary logo, even new uniform, or anything else you guys come up with. The new tournament will begin on Saturday, October 6.

I'm also working on a couple of spinoffs. We can do logo tournaments for the AHL, ECHL or any of the Canadian hockey leagues. That'll start some time later in the year at a new location. Expect to see the new Tournament of Hockey Logos coming soon. We'll have to get the word out to all our minor league friends.

I hope you'll all stay involved with the blog. I've really had a blast making it and I've been thrilled by the response. On the day the Canucks unveiled their uniforms, this site had a whopping 110,000 hits — the same day it crossed the one-million overall mark.

Anyway, keep reading and keep emailing me. I enjoy hearing the feedback and getting all your awesome concept jersey designs. Thanks so much for visiting!

Concepts From Dallas

I've got loads of Dallas Stars fan artwork to share with you on this Saturday afternoon. So let's get right to it.

We're all well aware the Minnesota Wild decided to leak their new home jersey to valued season ticket holders. Based off that design, someone came up with this idea for the Dallas Stars.

I'm one who likes the "star" jerseys they wear now. They've got one of the league's most unique looks. Unfortunately, I don't think that would translate to the EDGE. It's a language Reebok doesn't quite understand. To be fair though, it's a limitation of the design that, if the players like it, who are we to judge?

Someone else had the idea to transfer the Iowa Stars look to Dallas. Here's how that might manifest itself.

I don't know. Feels like a lateral move to me. I say we go back to the drawing board. What if they went all Old West on us in the great state of Texas? Might it look a little something like this?

I feel like the Stars haven't done enough to differentiate themselves from the North Stars — this, despite the secondary logo with the outline of Texas. They still wear the same crest as the North Stars did during their last year in Minnesota. Personally, I'm hoping for a change when they finally show off their new uniforms.

I'm not necessarily saying this concept is the way to go as all I can see is Chuck Norris' reflection in the shiny badge. But Chuck's pretty bad ass so I'm not so sure it's a bad thing.

But while we're on the topic of design overhauls, check out this one.

It's sharp in a classic sort of sense. I think it could use a greener green as muted colors don't make for good sports uniforms, generally speaking. I do like the logo idea but it feels a little plain. It's like you just keep staring at it waiting to notice something. But nothing comes. Obviously, nothing's perfect but I think someone needs to get on a Stars overhaul.

The best Stars concept logo I've ever seen was this one I posted a month ago. For those who appreciate simplicity in NHL logos, you can't complain about that.

Anyway, go visit the Concepts Gallery to see these designs and others that I haven't posted. You can also see that first logo set I posted in green and silver (rather than green and gold).

Habs Unveiling Date Is Official

The Montreal Canadiens have confirmed the unveiling date of their new Rbk EDGE uniforms via their official web site. The date will be Tuesday, September 4 (just like the Calgary Flames) as I'd previously reported. That date is already in the sidebar countdown. Here's the graphic from their site.

Since that graphic doesn't actually reference the Habs specifically, here's a shot of their web site. You can see they're also taking pre-orders of the new sweater via the Shop.

I doubt they'll do much to change it — just merely adapt it to the new cut like the Detroit Red Wings did. Looking forward to seeing on Tuesday. It'll be another big day in Canada.

Flyers Leak Like Wild!

Including this one, the last five consecutive posts have involved the Philadelphia Flyers. Guess it's a good time to be a Flyers fan.

Yesterday, I posted a photo of a page in the Minnesota Wild season ticket holders book which featured a shot of the new uniform. Well — excuse the pun — but now it seems the Flyers have taken a page out of their book.

Season ticket holders were treated to this photo of the new Rbk EDGE home sweater. It's a much better look than the cell phone photo I posted yesterday. Looks good, Flyers fans. The changes are small but insignificant.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me this image!

And as far as the Reebok "templates" we've seen, this one doesn't appear to match any of them. What do you guys think?

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