Wednesday, November 28, 2007

If They Were Still Around Today

In today's concepts post, we'll be getting all nostalgic for the old teams that doesn't exist anymore. The fun part is we're going to take a glimpse at what some of those classic clubs might have looked like if they'd made it into the Rbk EDGE era. Just to make things easy, we'll go geographically from east to west.

Kicking things off in Hartford, how about a Whalers logo that covers the entire jersey?

The sweater on the right features the Atlanta Flames logo in a design borrowed from the Chicago Blackhawks. If that's not classic enough for you, remember the old Cleveland Barons? Here's what they might look like if they had hurricane flags wrapping around the waist.

And next to that is a Kansas City Scouts design sans the yellow in the flavor of the Phoenix Coyotes. Speaking of the Coyotes, enjoy this irony.

The Winnipeg Jets logo you see on these jerseys is a concept design that I posted a while back here on the blog. As you can see, these jerseys borrow from the New York Rangers and, ironically, the Coyotes. And we'll finish our trip westward in Colorado. Here's what the Rockies might've looked like in a uniform modeled after that of the Buffalo Sabres.

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