Friday, March 21, 2008

Flyers Leak Thirds?

Got a bunch of emails today from readers under the impression that possible photos of the Philadelphia Flyers' new third jersey have leaked. And you know how I love rumor mongering. Still, I'll indulge.

From these horribly lo-res pictures (I'm assuming taken by a cell phone from the late '90s), they look a lot like what we were hearing — vintage look in orange. It's hard to say but I'll try to provide better photos when I see some.

In the meantime, speculate away!

By the way, if you're looking for the Freak Out post, give it one more day. I've got lots of good stuff but it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

The Goalie Masks You Picked!

Voting has officially closed for determining the top 32 goalie masks to be included in the upcoming NHLToGM. Thanks to the more than 1,500 of you who voted and here's who you selected in alphabetical order.

Sorry for the small images. You'll be treated to larger ones when the tournament actually begins.

Those masks will make up half of the first round of the tournament. All of the pictures are completely up to date with current masks (including Huet and Emery). I double- and triple-checked them in many cases. I've already decided on who will comprise the other half but I'll unveil those and go into more detail tomorrow. On Sunday you'll learn the match-ups and see the brackets. On Monday you'll cast your first vote.

Speaking of that first vote, we're starting with a preliminary round. A total of 68 masks will be involved in this tournament altogether. You're thinking, "Now Chris, how is it that we have a bracket of 32 on each side yet somehow you've managed to come up with a sum of 68?" Good question.

Marty Turco wears two masks, presently. One is black and one is white (he likes them to match his jersey, I guess). You see the black one above but in the first poll you'll be voting to decide which one will go into the tournament. There's another goalie that has a similar situation whose name I will reveal tomorrow. That makes 66.

I'll explain the other two tomorrow because actually there will be 34 masks there so we'll have to narrow that down with preliminary round polls. That makes a grand total of 4 preliminary round polls. Hope I didn't confuse you too much with that. It's not really important.

All you really need to do is cast a vote and you're good to go. Stay tuned for the rest of the group tomorrow!

We Need A Bigger Boat... hold all these concept graphics.

You know... because there are so many today. Ha ha. Ha.


Okay I'll stop. Really, though, lots of San Jose Sharks artwork for you this afternoon. It's my attempt at winning you back after two posts in a row to which many of you responded negatively. And I'm sorry about that. I'm a man of the people and I hear what you're saying. You're saying you want something better. I'll do what I can.

I love that shield logo. (So much I'd consider marrying it if that were legal in my state.) But I also like the teal sleeves on the black jersey in general. I'd call it a serious contender for a third jersey design but then again that's not my decision to make.

There are other options.

I like the all black shark but the contrast isn't there. You need contrast to have a good logo. (I might be lying about that.)

The design on the right shows how things could work if we drop the orange. Personally I'm a fan. It adds a little something, but then you're talking to a guy who can't fathom yellow (or red for that matter) being introduced into the Lightning's logo — a topic I assure has been discussed in the past.

But getting back to the contrast thing. You could fix that problem with grey instead.

It's really not a bad idea but spare me the piping on the white jersey. At least let it serve as a border to something but don't just go willy-nilly putting it anywhere and everywhere.

Am I writing too much? Logos! That's right, I have more.

It's hard not to like that one in the circle. I'm less impressed by the triangle. Still, if you wanted to throw out the rules of visual balance altogether, try to endure this.

Though as I joke, I mean nothing bad toward these designs. They're all good. Obviously I didn't post everything I had but I felt these would represent the cream of that particular crop.

I'm interested now to see how you guys react. I think I can only write so many more bad posts before you all come to the realization of the scam I'm running and jet for the nearest exit. (Kidding, of course.) Bantering is difficult when you're all by yourself.

What do you guys think of the San Jose Sharks, anyway? Cup contenders or are they destined to the fate of the Ottawa Senators? (Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the Sens but those guys absolutely implode come April.)