Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ducks' Stripes Stop

You know I'm bored when I write a post about something like this. In perusing photos from last night's preseason game between the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks, I noticed something odd about the new Anaheim sweaters.

It's the tiniest of details, but the curved stripe doesn't extend all the way around the bottom of the jersey. The panel down the side is solid. Like I said, it couldn't matter less, but it was just something unusual I noticed.

That reminds me, I just uploaded a ton of photos from that game to the Ducks and Kings albums in the Rbk EDGE gallery. They're different from that first preseason game because while that one was in Anaheim, this one was in L.A., so you can see the Kings in black and Ducks in white.

Oilers Unveil New Uniforms!

The Edmonton Oilers have unveiled their new Rbk EDGE uniforms today at the Joey Moss Cup. There are a couple of photos up on the team's official web site.

As far as the elbow striping, I'm still at a loss. But that's all right. Like all of the new Reebok sweaters, they look great on the ice and that's what matters.

I'll have more photos here once they are available. If you were there and took photos, please send them along and I'll post them here for you.

Preview New Oilers Jerseys

The Joey Moss Cup should just be getting underway in Edmonton but the Oilers have yet to post any photos of their new Rbk EDGE uniforms on their web site. But thanks to our pal Wayne, we have a preview courtesy of the Shop.

I've really liked the designs of most of these new Reebok jerseys, but I just can't figure out the half-stripe thing going on at the elbows here. It at least made some sense for Florida because of the red stripes going down the arms. But here, I just don't really understand.

We'll continue to wait for official word from the Oil. Hopefully they don't take as long as the Coyotes did yesterday.

Thinking About Minnesota

We're waiting for the Edmonton Oilers to show of their new uniforms today, the least I can do is offer up some Minnesota Wild concept art. Let's get right to it.

I don't think this design is trying to prove anything. Probably just a bored artist having a little fun. For those who didn't recognize it initially, that's the new Rbk EDGE home sweater for the Montreal Canadiens. The colors and crest have been changed. It's not bad, but I definitely think the Wild went with the right look.

With this concept, the designer was just trying to see what the crest on the home sweater would look like on the road. Once again, I think the Wild got it right by using the large bear head logo over this circular one.

Quite honestly, I really like the Wild's logo and uniform design. Some folks have lodged Christmas-related complaints with regard to the color combination, but I find fault with that. I think the wheat color

But let's mix it up a little. What if the Wild just recolored the home pattern white and called that the road jersey. Might it look a little something like this?

It just might. Anyway I've also got some concept logos that were sent to me by John.

This redesign morphed the bear head into an "M," keeping the major elements from the original. I'm a huge fan of the bear head, but this is not a terrible idea.

This logo is simply the Minnesota North Stars logo in the colors of the Wild. Personally, I think it was best like it was. But this does make me laugh.

So while we wait on the Oil, I might even have another concepts post at some point today. Hope you've enjoyed what you've seen here.

By the way, get ready as tomorrow I plan to open a poll where you all will get to decide on the subject of the next logo tournament.

Poll: Flames Logo History


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

UPDATE (9/17 3:03 PM): Hi guys! I know a lot of you have been asking a valid question about this poll and I apologize for not responding sooner. Many of you are wondering why there's no red C among these logos. First off, the way I see it, the Flames haven't really had a logo change since they moved from Atlanta. The basic flaming C has been the same all these years. The first change was in 1995 when a black outline was added. So basically, the question is, do you prefer the C with the black or without it?

As far as there being no red C, the format I'm using for the logos on this site precludes me from using white or black as a background color for the box. I'd just prefer not to do it. If I were to use a red C on a red box, it would blend in too much. (And I tried it on a yellow box and it looked horrible.) So again, you're really just voting on the flaming C with the black versus without the black. Hope that explains things. Happy voting!

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Sep 16 @ 7:35 AM
Poll closing date
Sep 23 @ 11:59 PM


Result: Lightning Logo History


74% 6,546 votes

8,807 total votes

26% 2,261 votes

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Sep 8 @ 7:40 AM
Poll closing date
Sep 15 @ 11:59 PM