Monday, June 30, 2008

About The Launch

I've been pretty bogged down the last few days but I wanted to make note of a few things surrounding tomorrow's launch of ICETHETICS.

First, don't expect to see some glorious transformation to this blog at the stroke of midnight or anything like that. The launch will take place at some point tomorrow afternoon. At that point I'll post a link to the new blog. So be prepared to update your bookmarks and favorites as well as any RSS feeds.

That's right, ICETHETICS will have a new URL. And like I said before, NHLToL isn't going to be deleted or moved, it will stay here and just no longer be updated. It'll serve as an archive for everything we've done here in the past year — all the concept art, logo tournaments... all that.

Everything we do from now on will be posted on the new blog — ICETHETICS.

Again, I don't have an exact time for the launch, just know that at some point in the afternoon/evening when I have things ready to go, I'll post a link here with the new URL and start getting folks moved to the new site.

If you guys have questions, feel free to ask either by comment or direct email. I'll try to answer what I can in the morning. (By the way, before you ask, the first post at ICETHETICS will be the announcement of the new tournament.)