Sunday, August 26, 2007

You Know The Drill; More Canucks Leaks

It seems like the neverending story with the Vancouver Canucks. Now just three days out from the official unveiling — which will take place on Wednesday at GM Place — more items have been leaked bearing the alleged new logo. See for yourself.

The funny thing is that each logo is colored differently leading me to wonder whether the new Canucks uniforms will feature different logos for the home and road jerseys. The logo with the white "ice" shows up better on a dark background while the logo with blue "ice" stands out more on a light background.

Anyway, we'll find out from the team itself at long last on Wednesday. But you know me, if more stuff gets leaked prior to that, you know I'll have it here for you. Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

The New Concepts Gallery Is Open!

Hey all. I know I've been light on posts this weekend — save for the Lightning, of course. But the reason is that I've been hard at work on a new feature I'm rolling out today!

One of the things you all seem to enjoy about this site is the many concept designs I post on a daily basis. Over the past few months, I've posted hundreds of fan-created artwork for all 30 teams. Finding them all would be quite a task. So to make things easier, I'm compiling all of the concept art I've posted — and some I haven't — all in one simple image gallery.

If you click on that screenshot of the gallery, you can go look at it for yourself. It is divided up by team and I also threw in a couple of bonus categories — including Vintage.

As a side note, if any of the work posted there is yours and you would like credit, please email me at Let me know what you want in the caption — your name, a web link or a description. Conversely, if your work is posted there and you would like it removed, let me know and I'd be happy to oblige.

Enjoy it, everybody! And please let me know what you think.

Suggestions For Atlanta

You asked and I was listening. You want Atlanta Thrashers concepts? I've got them. Let's dive right in!

I'd imagine this design to be the one most Thrasher fans are hoping for. It keeps the light blue and the "ATLANTA" down the sleeve. It's pretty sharp. But based on what we've seen so far, don't get your hopes up.

I was also sent this jersey. But don't worry, this would probably be a little too much for Reebok. Very colorful, that's for sure.

So Thrash fans, you got your wish. What do you think? Do you like these fan-created concepts or should your team go with something entirely different? Comment below.

A Royal Concept

I have a couple of interesting Los Angeles Kings concept jerseys to share today. Remember these pre-Gretzky colors?

That is quite something. Want some more?

I'm sorry, but am I the only person who thinks that's more of a queen's crown than a king's? I think the current one is pretty sharp. But frankly, and I might get fileted for the very suggestion, but I always thought the king head from the mid-'90s third jersey served as a great and fierce representation of the Kings as a team. Because let's face it, without the purple, they've got nothing.

Just, instead of sticking it in the corner and having that weird swoosh thing come down around the shoulder, just make it the primary crest. Thoughts? Am I a crazy nut completely off his rocker?

Poll: Hurricanes vs Devils

New Jersey

Despite the first round not being over quite yet, Round 2 begins today! Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Aug 26 @ 7:05 AM
Poll closing date
Sep 2 @ 11:59 PM


Result: Senators vs Rangers


55% 6,359 votes

New York

45% 5,099 votes

11,458 total votes

Ottawa Senators
Advancing to Quarterfinals to face Bruins or Capitals

New York Rangers

Poll opening date
Aug 18 @ 4:26 AM
Poll closing date
Aug 25 @ 11:59 PM