Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Polling Issues

Another thing I'm pushing back to tomorrow — aside from the final Rbk EDGE Review — will be the beginning of the semifinal round of voting in the Vintage Tournament. As you can see, Sabres/Jets and Whalers/Maple Leafs polls are in the offing on our way to determining the best vintage logo in the NHL.

I apologize for an inconvenience with the delays on this stuff, but this site has become difficult for me to maintain on a daily basis with changes going on for me personally. I'm going to try out a new format for the Third Jersey Logo Tournament which is coming up at the end of the Vintage Tournament.

The other thing is that traffic on the site has significantly decreased in the last several weeks. Don't misunderstand, I love you guys who visit regularly, but I'd be apt to post more if more people were interested. Anyway, I appreciate all the comments. And don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. My posting may become a little less frequent, but I'll still be here reading your comments and emails.

Those of you still left who visit on a regular basis — you're my heroes! Thanks a million! (By the way, near as I can figure, we're about a week away from reaching 3 million hits. Thanks again!)

Rbk EDGE Review... Not Quite Yet

Ha! Just thought I'd have a little fun with you guys. The final Rbk EDGE Review post will, in fact, not be posted tonight, but rather tomorrow. If your powers of deduction haven't failed you, by now you know the final review will the new Ottawa Senators jerseys. Hope you guys can wait one more day. Then expect to see some really cool stuff posted this weekend once the reviews have had time to settle in. We'll have a full ranking of all 30 uniforms as well as a special desktop wallpaper I'm trying to put together. Enjoy your night!

Result: Capitals vs Maple Leafs


58% 1,060 votes


42% 762 votes

1,822 total votes

Toronto Maple Leafs
Advancing to face Hartford Whalers

Washington Capitals

Poll opening date
Thu Oct 18 @ 4:26 AM
Poll closing date
Mon Oct 22 @ 11:59 PM

07VNTRN | #2D | WSH74vTOR38