Monday, April 30, 2007

Maple Leafs


Team Information
Team Colors / blue, white
Inaugural Season / 1926-27 (81 years)
Current Logo / 1982-83 (25 years)

Tournament History

2007 Qualifying Tournament
2-12, 10 pts
Finished 15th in East; 29th overall


Anonymous said...

go leafs go!

Mark said...

I'm not sure why you list 1982-83 as the first season for the current version of the logo. It hasn't changed since the 1970-71 season.

mapleleafsforever said...

They actually used a little different tint of darker blue in the early 70's

Chris said...

According to Chris Creamer's Sports Logos site, the 1970-71 leaf had a slightly different silhouette. That's why I use 1982.

Mark said...

Aha! So it did! Thanks for the explanation, and for your outstanding attention to detail

Anonymous said...

um so as a leaf fan i really really wanna know if they are gunna make a big change to the jersey!... i really hope they use the logo thats on their third jerseys... and go with a vintage look like boston did

nhlfreak said...

I am as big a Leaf fanatic as they come, a solid contributor as to why they haven't made decent attempts to build a stanley cup contending team since the Gilmour days. The cliche of "Build it and they will come" doesn't really apply to us Leaf fans because we will come in sell out numbers every night regardless of the team they build and ice.

I don't forsee drastic changes in their uniforms simply because they haven't had the time to design and approve anything. The concept designs would have likely gone through the various levels of management and boards for approval until ultimately being all declined by the teachers union because they used material that would be too expensive. Teachers union votes to keep the same uniforms and cut some material off the side to make them look tighter and fool the NHL into thinking changes were made. An extra 100K per season back in the unions pockets and another season of anguish and missed playoff hockey for us loyal fans.