Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bolts' New Pants

This may not be of any real interest to anyone who isn't a Tampa Bay Lightning fan, but to those who are, here's a look at the new pants being sported by players during training camp at the Ice Sports Forum in Brandon.

In what seems to be an effort to add more blue into the uniform, the Lightning bolt on the pants — which I'm so glad they kept — now has a blue stripe beneath it.

Incidentally, the new Lightning home jersey I ordered online three weeks ago just got shipped today! I can't wait for it to get here!

Coyotes Unveil New Uniforms!

At long last, the Phoenix Coyotes have updated their web site to indicate to us that their new Rbk EDGE uniforms have actually been unveiled. Behold the proof.

While no further photos have been posted to the site, I do have a few from the team's press packet so we'll consider them with this being the "official" post on the subject.

They're a little plain but I think that helps accent the logo. They're nowhere near the simplicity of the new Leafs' sweaters — which aren't helped any by the monochromatic logo. It's at least visually interesting to note that the shoulder patch is only on one side. As I pointed out earlier, it switched sides. No word yet on why.

It's a very clean and sharp uniform set and Coyotes fans should be thrilled.

UPDATE (9/16 7:50 AM): The Coyotes finally updated their web site late last night or early this morning with a great photo gallery from CoyotesFest. There were a couple of great action shots in there that really show off these uniforms.

They might be a little plain but they've got that old-time hockey feel and there's nothing wrong with that. One thing I never noticed before (since the Lightning almost never play the Coyotes) is the moon symbol from the original 1996 logo set has been retained on the pants.

First Photos Of Coyotes' Sweaters

Greetings, all. With much thanks to Paul and Wayne for their lightning quick responses to my previous post, we finally have actual photographs of the new uniforms for the Phoenix Coyotes.

We'll start with the Shop images. The photos haven't been released on the site yet but have been uploaded to the servers.

The biggest alteration to the sweaters are the brick red sholder yokes now present on the road sweaters. I like that because although it's an irrational thought, I always feel like solid white jerseys blend into the ice too much. Also, the horizontal stripes around the bottom of the jersey are gone.

One more minor note is that the "PHX" patch is now located on the left shoulder. It was moved from the right. Not sure why though.

These photos were just posted over at so I thought I'd keep them circulating. Apologies for the color. I would've done some retouching, but I just wanted to get them posted quickly.

I feel like the Wizard of Oz standing behind a curtain when I tell you to pay no mind to those iron-on letters that appear to be detaching themselves from the back of this jersey. If I were to guess, I'd say it was worn by a prospect at a recent tournament. Anyone want to confirm?

And as a special treat, our friend Wayne has also dug up the following graphics deep from the bowels of the NHL web servers. Have a look at the Sabres', Rangers' and Devils' new road jerseys.

But wait, if you thought that was it, get ready for this. Here's our first photograph of the Edmonton Oilers' new road sweater.

I just want to know what happened to the sleeves. At least when Florida did the whole interrupted elbow stripes, it was because of a swatch of color riding down the arm. Here, I just don't know. I'll wait to pass judgment until we see more photos.

Waiting For Official Word

I first want to take this moment to apologize for posting almost nothing today. I'm going to rectify that here in the next hour or so. I've been waiting around pretty much all day hoping to see photos of the new Sabres and Coyotes jerseys on their official web sites. I mean I've been doing other stuff too, but I've been holding off on posting anything. So far, nothing.

However, a great reader sent in a couple of photos he took of the new Buffalo Sabres Rbk EDGE uniforms in the HSBC Arena store. So since I have nothing official, I'll at least show you those for now.

Basically they're last year's sweaters adapted to this year's new cut. And they still have the "slug" on them. What's changed is the NHL shield on the collar. Same as everybody else.

Unfortunately, we still haven't seen photos from CoyotesFest. So if you were there or you've seen pictures taken by someone who was there, please drop me a line. For that matter, if anybody notices the Sabres or Coyotes update their web site with photos, please email me and I'll get right on it.

Oh, and Sabres fans, if you need something to laugh at, click here. Though that might make you cry.

Blues Unveil New Uniforms!

The St. Louis Blues officially unveiled their new Rbk EDGE uniforms at FANfest this morning. Check out photos.

As I said yesterday when we first saw photos, I love the shoulder design on these sweaters. Unlike some people, also, I don't mind that there are no horizontal stripes at the bottom of most of these uniforms. I think they look great — especially on the ice.

Even the road jerseys look pretty sharp, and I haven't really loved most of the white jerseys that have been unveiled to this point.

It'd be nice to see how they look on the players in full padding because it can only improve an already excellent design. If you ask me — and I know no one is — the Blues definitely got it right.

Wish I could say the same about the Islanders.

The Blues' online photo gallery of the new sweaters didn't include a lot of close-ups, but here's one I like.

The numbering and lettering text on the jerseys remain the same. Check out Doug Weight modeling the new duds.

Some people have expressed concern over how longer names will look on the back of the sweater. The issue is the yellow piping extending down the back which we really haven't seen on many other new jerseys.

Anyway, I know most of you have already commented on these jerseys in previous posts, but for everyone else, here's your shot. We'd love to hear what you think.

UPDATE (8:26 PM): I was emailed an action shot from a Blues fan who was at FANfest today. I guess some of the players took part in a scrimmage. This photo gives us an idea of how the jerseys will look over the gear. The answer is spectacular.

I'm a Lightning fan and I'm jealous.

EDGE Jerseys All Unveiled By Monday

Just thought I'd remind everybody that all 60 new Rbk EDGE sweaters will have been unveiled by Monday — the San Jose Sharks being the last to go. Reebok has confirmed this on their web site.

So all the anticipation is winding down. The EA Sports leak notwithstanding, we're still waiting to see photos of uniforms for three more teams — the Sharks, Coyotes and Oilers. Still waiting to see official photos from the Sabres, Coyotes and Blues today.

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