Sunday, April 29, 2007


Vancouver CANUCKS

Team Information
Team Colors / deep blue, sky blue, green, white, silver
Inaugural Season / 1970-71 (37 years)
Current Logo / 2007-08 (0 years)

Tournament History

2007 Qualifying Tournament
5-9, 19 pts
Finished 9th in West; 18th overall


Anonymous said... new canucks logo

Anonymous said...

12:30pm tomorrow! Unvieling of the new jerseys!

Anonymous said...

Saw the choppy-version of the presentation off the net today.

"New" jersey is vintage colours, with orca logo, and "VANCOUVER" text arching over the top of the logo. The logo is now just blue/black/white..

Shoulder patch is old stick-in-rink logo.

Numbers look a little different too.

A pretty poor showing if you ask me..

Anonymous said...

diven said...

Please use a blue background for our logo. Our Primary colour is blue. It looks wrong on a green background.

kyle said...

thank you for changing that background the logo looks much better on a blue background

tyboughner said...

i Honestly think it looked better eith the green background, I dont know why people hat on the blue and green, they are the most unique and best color combo out there.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little baffled. It looks way too stripped down. To my eyes it seems really flat, I believe it has lost a lot of dimension. I suppose it could be improved with some silver threading. What I was really hoping for was "johnny-canuck" to adorn the new sweaters with the same colour combination.