Friday, September 7, 2007

Just To Freak You Out... Some More!

Yes, you read that title right. Back by popular demand, I'm going to get your weekend off to a kicking start. I have the weird and crazy; a whole slew of new and wacky concept designs just meant to freak you out. So buckle in, it's going to be a long one.

I'm going to have a theme of red and black tonight. You'll see what I mean, but first I need to show you this.

From the brilliant creator of the Sabres and Canucks mish-mash logos comes this gem. True art in its rawest form. I dare anyone to attempt to improve upon that.

But since you can't, we'll move along. Do you like the color combination of red and black? Sure, if you're a Devils, Hurricanes, Senators or Coyotes fan. But what about Sabres, Predators and Canadiens fans? What about Leafs fans? Look on if you're brave enough.

It's a little blinding, isn't it? You might be surprised to discover that these designs all came from different people. Bad enough to have one disturbed mind out there Devil-ifying all these jerseys. There are at least four.

This Canadiens concept just scares me so I want to stop looking at it. The Sabres one just looks like a bloody slug (I knew that comment was coming so I wanted to head it off). And the Predators... well that doesn't look half bad if you ask me.

But imagine what kind of disturbed mind I must be to posting this stuff.

Wait. You need to catch your breath before you see this. Maple Leafs fans, ready your eyeballs for this one.

Wow, you're still here. I'm impressed.

All right, now I'm going to ease off a little bit. These designs are not so much horrifying as funny.

Dude, you spilled some oil on your— oh, wait... I see... yikes. Yeah. Oilers fans, I'm genuinely interested to know how you feel about this particular concept. I know it's been floating around a little, but it's just so... out there.

So what if the Rangers did this?

We probably ought not think about it.

Someone spent at least 30 seconds making this.

A missed opportunity, I say.

As a tribute (or not so much) to what I'm going to start calling the "VANCOUVER Incident," someone had some fun with other jerseys.

Similar work on the Sens, Isles and Jackets can be found in the Concepts Gallery. Now I'm going to wrap up where I began — Long Island. Imagine if Reebok decided the NHL should go the way of basketball.

Check out that outline of the island in place of a horizontal stripe. All is well.

Just remember, you guys asked for this. Let this be an object lesson in the notion of being careful what you wish for. Actually, if this keeps up, we'll make it into a weekly feature. So if you've made or found crazy crap like this, feel free to send it my way at and who knows, you just might freak somebody out.

Pens' 250 Patch Is Only Right

Quick note for anyone interested in this aspect of the new Pittsburgh Penguins Rbk EDGE jerseys. I came across some definitive proof that the new "Pittsburgh 250" shoulder patch is only worn on the right shoulder.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has posted a video from the unveiling event on its Empty Netters blog. Frankly, I'm surprised we didn't see it sooner. Following the ceremony, the video shows players being interviewed by the press. The cameras are on the left side of the players, clearly showing that there is no patch on that shoulder.

I'm almost positive that this is of absolutely no consequence or interest to anyone aside from Pens fans, but so be it. Have another look.

So to anyone who was still wondering, you can now put the thought from your mind. Right shoulder only. Now get ready for next week when the whole rest of the NHL unveils their uniforms. We're going to see 26 different new jerseys in the span of about a week. It'll be busy times.

UPDATE (8:03 PM): By the way, I'm not sure I've ever actually stated the significance of the "Pittsburgh 250" patch. And a few of you have indicated you weren't sure of it. The patch commemorates the 250th anniversary of the city of Pittsburgh, which was founded November 25, 1758. This is odd because the 2007-08 season will be over by the time that anniversary actually comes around.

If you ask me — and nobody is — I think they should've waited until the 2008-09 season to wear the patch and get the league to schedule them a game on that night... perhaps against Philly? Any takers? In any case, that's what it's there for, for better or for worse.

It is bland though. Isn't it?

Shooting Stars... With Cell Phones

I was recently emailed a handful of cell phone photos (that we all just love so dearly) that alleged show Dallas Stars players on an ice rink during a video shoot wearing their new Rbk EDGE jerseys. I'm going to post those pictures and leave it up to you guys to make heads or tails of them. I will say this much: They bear a strong resemblance to the junior team jerseys we saw last week.

Here's some of what was told to me in the email.

... he and a friend snapped these at the star center in Frisco a few days back. They were apparently filming something about the new jerseys.

And if you can see in that blur- thats Krys Barch wearing Bill Guerin's old #13!

we cant seem to make out who the star in the dark uni is- but that short girl is Selena Rae.
And it appears to be Andy Moog out there too.

Just thought id pass this info on! Thanks!

Something for Stars fans to gobble up. That's all I really have as far as news goes. However, remember the neat concept design I posted last week? (Last one on that post.)

The designer tweaked it a little and sent it to me again. And it only got better. Check it.

All but for the yellow, which needs to be more gold like in the current uniforms, you can count me as a fan for this idea.

Anyway, one week from today, the Dallas Stars will supposedly unveil their new uniforms. It's all speculation until then.

No Change Is Word From Avs, Devs

We have news today regarding the new jerseys for the Colorado Avalanche and New Jersey Devils — who you might have noticed are absent from the sidebar countdown (along with the Anaheim Ducks).

Let's start with the Colorado Avalanche news. You might notice that the Avs have been added to the sidebar countdown with a jersey unveiling date of Wednesday, September 12. This information comes from The Denver Post. Beat writer Adrian Dater said yesterday in a blog post not to expect any big alterations.

We're anticipating an adaptation of the old sweaters to the Rbk EDGE style and cut. Here's an excerpt from Dater's post.

September 6, 2007


The Avalanche will unveil new uniforms on Wednesday, in a press conference. The uniforms will not have a newly designed logo or colors, but are representative of the new prototypes sponsored by Reebok that will be worn by all NHL teams this season.

The new uniforms are made of a different material that is supposed to absorb sweat better, are tighter on the bodies of players and allow them faster skating speeds.

In addition, the New Jersey Devils will apparently not be holding any unveiling ceremony or event for their new Rbk EDGE jerseys. According to The Record writer Tom Gulitti's blog, the jerseys will first be seen publicly in their first preseason game on Monday, September 17 against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Gulitti quoted Devils GM Lou Lamoriello as saying that the jerseys will not change. Basically what we were expected from the Devils. Here's the post.

September 6, 2007

No new jersey unveiling

Unlike most of the rest of the teams in the NHL, the Devils will not hold a press conference to show off their new Rbk Edge jerseys before the opening of training camp. All teams in the league will switch to the lighter, form-fitting uniforms (which also includes new, lighter socks) and some teams have taken this opportunity to make some cosmetic alterations, too, but Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello said that his team's jerseys will look essentially the same.

"Our jersey will still be our jersey," he said.

Fans can get their first look at them when the Devils play their first preseason game on Sept. 17 in Trenton against Philadelphia.

So to sum up, the Avalanche and Devils will simply convert their old sweaters without really changing anything. We'll see the Avs' on Wednesday and the Devils' five days later.

So to the fans who have been asking, there's your news. (Ducks fans, along with you, I'm still waiting for something.)

Wild Unveil New Uniforms!

The Minnesota Wild have unveiled their new uniforms via their web site, today. Look at them here.

Same as we expected. No big changes. The old alternate is now the new home sweater. I also like the fact that they didn't use the circle logo on the road jersey. The bear head is awesome.

This is another shot of the jerseys hanging in the locker room.

You can see the detail of the jerseys a little better in this photo. Sorry they're so small, but the Wild have yet to post a photo gallery like most of the other teams have done. If I see better quality pictures elsewhere, I'll be sure to post them for you. In the meantime, any thoughts on these new sweaters?

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