Friday, October 12, 2007

Introducing The NHLToL Expert Panel!

The time has come for me to introduce you to the NHLToL Expert Panel! Why an expert panel? Why not?

As this site has gotten more popular over the last several months, I've started to feel like we could use the opinions of some folks educated and working in the field of graphic design. So much of what this site is about deals with design. In fact, just about everything deals with it. So we now have five people who will provide "expert" criticism of the logo and jersey designs featured here on a daily basis.

I'll make an announcement soon about what their first big project will be, but right now, get to know them a little bit in their own words. One thing you'll notice is the logos next to each bio. These logos were designed by each panel member and will identify them each time they write something here at NHLToL.

Doug, Watertown NY

I am an alumnus of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Originally from the Buffalo/Niagara Region of NY, I came back home after his schooling in Pittsburgh and began my career.

Starting out as a Photoshop photo retoucher, I then moved away from the Western NY region to enter the world of package design/printing and now am using my prior experiences to help develop and design corporate brands and identities for one of the oldest names in the auto accessory business. With over 10 years of varied design experience under my belt, I have a good eye for what can make a design work in the market or fail miserably in the process.

A passionate Sabres fan for the last 10 years, hockey has steadily creeped into my household where plans with friends are made around the Sabres' schedule come hockey season. With the birth of my first son coming in January, I am already day dreaming about my boy playing in the NHL in 20 years.

Kathleen, Washington DC

I received my BFA in Communication Design from Buffalo State College in August 2006. Admittedly, I am a fairly recent convert to hockey fandom, but always admired hockey logos from afar.

I am an expert (or think I am) because of my chosen field, and being exposed to hockey growing up in Buffalo NY. I understand the great tradition of this sport, and believe out of all of the "Big 4" sports, team logos are most visible in hockey.

Drew, Buffalo NY

I am a freelance web and graphic designer residing in Buffalo, New York. I've done design work for the Official Buffalo Comicon, M&T Bank Corporation, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, as well as logo and flyer designs for local bands, movies, and events.

I'm a lifelong Sabres fan, who infamously ran the Fix the Logo campaign, protesting the "slug" logo design now (dis)gracing the Buffalo Sabres uniforms and merchandise everywhere. For the record, I still buy nothing but vintage logo stuff.

I'm a lifelong comic book fan and collector, and I think that the colorful costumes and iconic symbols of some of my four-color heroes influenced my interest in sports uniforms and logo design. I am also a guitarist, song writer, sometimes actor, sometimes writer, and aspiring craft brewer. Cheers everyone!

Lindsey, Las Vegas NV

I was born and raised in Southern Oregon and I moved to Las Vegas a little over three years ago to get my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Las Vegas. I have years of training in visual arts, corporate identity, advertising and marketing, and print publication. Graphic Design is as much about the science of how the viewer's brain sees an image as how they react emotionally to what they observe.

But first and foremost, I'm a huge hockey fan and I have been nearly my whole existence. Pens for life!

Ryan, Portage La Prairie MB

Hello everyone. I am your neighbor from the north. I am very excited to be included on this expert panel and cant wait to bring you my opinions and help make this site even better. I have been doing Photoshop for about a half a year and have been taking graphic design courses. I think I will be a good fit and will bring a lot of strong opinions and can be a good critic when choosing the best in the NHL when it comes to jerseys and logos.

So there they are. I hope you all enjoy the diverse input from Doug, Kathleen, Drew, Lindsey and Ryan here at the NHL Tournament of Logos. As you can see, they have their favorite teams, but don't worry, they won't let that get in the way of their actual design analysis.

You will get to see some of their first "critiques" this weekend along with the announcement of their new project. We all look forward to your feedback.


canaanregulatesblog said...

art institue of pgh? should be a pens fan. seriously.

+living in the city didn't make you love it+


Anonymous said...

I almost submitted an app (since I've submitted a bunch of photoshops :p) but am glad I didn't, I'd feel weird being surrounded by a bunch of people who actually have degrees in graphic arts and actually work in the industry.

Michaela said...

why are they like... all sabres fans?


-go canes go!-

Drew Celestino said...

Michaela, didn't you hear? Buffalo has been crowned the new Hockeytown. lol

Darryl said...

only one canuck? pshhh

Michaela said...

Drew- Really? Even with that jersey? And without Drury and Briere? -gasp-

Well actually, I get Sabres fans all the time. My fourth period teacher is one. D=

But welcome anyways! It would be fun with the new experts on the site.. even if you are sabres fans. I'm on here 24/7 xD

Drew Celestino said...

Well, fans in general will buy anything that's hot. So the fact that we were a hell of a team introducing a new jersey and logo to the market meant sales no matter what.

Once the team starts to do poorly, or rather not as well as in years past, you'll see those sales taper off, along with all the good will from the public.

We lost big players, and management was left with egg on its face. Fans were outraged, but now the season's here and we can't go on crying about it.

But if management, and to a greater extent ownership, can't correct their mistakes, and continue to bumble player negotiations, then the Sabres will see all the good will and popularity they've built evaporate rapidly.

Sucks, but that's how sports go.

Doug said...

Hey Canaan-

I was in Pittsburgh during some of their greatest days back in the early to mid 90's. And yes it did help get me into hockey seeing Mario play side by side with Jagr.

Pittsburgh is a great city for sports. I was there for the MLB strike and tix at Three Rivers were only $2.50 as well as the Steelers' Super Bowl loss to the Cowboys. Whenever anything big is going on, that city rocks it HARD.

To this day I still stop and catch a good Pens or Steelers game on TV if I can and enjoy every minute of them. But I've gotta say that it was when I got back to Buffalo that most of my hockey passion bloomed.

I worked for a professional photo lab that once in a while handed down some Level 200 company tickets. I went to a handful of games and really fell in love. The Level 200 tix didn't hurt either.... food and drinks brought to your seat as well as private parking in the garage that brings you right to the 200 Level doors. Those were the days, but I still try to get back to some games since moving out of the area 6 years ago.`

Drew said...

Yeah... Way too many Sabres fans...

Michaela said...

I can agree with you there drew.. After the hurricanes won the Stanley Cup, sales escalated.. alot.

As poorly as the sabres have started, I can actually predict that they will come ack and make the playoffs this year.. I'm not saying any Stanley Cups, but they are still a playoff contending team from my eyes.. even with the loss of Drury and Briere.

Ryan said...

The thing is, the rest of the team knows they lost their 2 best players and since they didn't start off good, they will think its season over. I know it early, but they have to keep their head up and it looks like they could have a good season. Just a rough start with the isles. We will see at the end of October what direction things are heading.