Sunday, April 29, 2007


Minnesota WILD

Team Information
Team Colors / red, green, gold, wheat
Inaugural Season / 2000-01 (7 years)
Current Logo / 2000-01 (7 years)

Tournament History

2007 Qualifying Tournament
12-2, 32 pts
Finished 2nd in West; 4th overall


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the absolute worst logo ever worn by any professional sports team. The egg yoke sitting on top the critter's head is truly priceless... pure comic genius, though I doubt it's what the designer intended. The wretched color scheme matches this pile of puke logo quite nicely.

On a positive note Minnesota's fans can only go up from here... at least it is something to look forward to, though Vancouver and Buffalo fans have been waiting 30+ years with no improvement at all.

J. said...

Because the Wild are my team, I have to defend the logo. The "egg yoke" as you so elequently put it, represents the sun. The eye in the "critter" is the represents the north star. Obviously you see the pine trees, the mouth is a river, and the red is about a sunset.

I love the logo, just with the new home unis were going to be green instead of the red.

Go Wild!

jofrid said...

I agree with J. One of the great things about this logo is that every time you look at it you see something new. There is a lot going on in the logo which represents the many different aspects of the team, the state and its people.

Oh, and for the 7th year in a row the Wild's jersey is the #1 selling jersey for the NHL. People wouldn't buy it if it was, as you put it, "the worst logo ever."