Monday, February 25, 2008

A Mass Of Stars Art

I was looking through my inbox and you guys have been sending in a ton of Dallas Stars concept art that I've failed to get posted. So tonight is all about the Big D. There are just so many options as you'll see.

For one thing, a big complaint about the Stars' new Rbk EDGE uniforms has been the word "DALLAS" written across the front of the home jersey, of all things. A simple solution would be to put the crest back.

Now, with all the talk about third jerseys lately, perhaps that design would be better suited as an alternate in, say, green.

Certainly brings a lot more to the sweater. Hell, there's even gold.

All right, yeah that's probably a bad idea. However, I'm liking the star crests on the green and white jerseys. In fact, the complete lack of black is actually pretty cool. Even something like this — which I like less — might well be worth considering.

But in this reality, I don't see the black disappearing anytime soon. So how about this. Save the black for the alternate.

I know they've got the Florida Panthers' elbow stripes going but try to see past that. The Stars really need to return to the green sweaters. Though I know the odds of that are slim.

But let's depart reality altogether and start considering some "different" alternatives. Like a new logo.

I get the shooting star theme, but there are a lot of reasons why those logos wouldn't work. I'm sure you can figure them out. Still, sometimes it's fun to wonder. Here they are on a jersey.

Then there's the whole constellation fiasco. I get it but it just wasn't well executed. Once you start seeing "that" shape, you can't really see anything else.

I don't think dropping the stars from the logo works, nor does turning up the horns. That's just strange. I've gotta say I do like the red, though. Red as part of that black/green/gold combo is quite unique. What about a reworked logo based on those colors?

It could use some work, like for instance I'd lose the puck, but it's something. A step in the right direction, perhaps.

The last two items I have for you tonight are just flights of fancy for the folks missing their beloved North Stars. The old Minnesota logo on the new Rbk EDGE sweater.

Not great. And this last one is more worthy of a Freak Out Friday post.

I think that about covers it. Stars, Stars and more Stars. By the way, just a little over a week now until my Vancouver trip. Can't wait! I'm hoping to be able to write from the road. I probably won't have much in the way of concept art for you. Maybe just stories from my experiences north of the border if anyone's interested. In the meantime, I've got to start packing.