Friday, August 3, 2007

Design Your Own Lightning Logo

All right, one final post for today and then I think I'll rest for a while. As you may or may not know, it is believed that the new logo for the Tampa Bay Lightning was leaked a few weeks back.

By and large, fan response hasn't been great. So as a way of letting people vent or something, the St. Petersburg Times is asking readers and fans to design their own Lightning logo and submit it for future posting on their web site. You can find more information on Damian Cristodero's Lightning Strikes blog.

I thought this was really cool and I recommend that anyone, Lightning fan or not, who has a concept to submit it. And if it wouldn't be too much trouble, email it to me as well. (I can offer the instant gratification of posting it within hours.) You can email me at if you're interested.

More Thoughts On The Wild

After I posted a Minnesota Wild uniform design yesterday, a reader pointed out another bit of fan artwork that made use of a really cool take on a secondary logo for the club.

If you ask me, that shoulder patch is seriously awesome! Like the Coyotes, I always thought the Wild would be a good team to use the outline of their home state in a secondary mark. This is just one example of how well that can work. This design is of major professional caliber if you ask me. I'd be surprised to discover it wasn't a pro behind it.

Anyway, I wanted to make sure this got posted today because I thought it was very interesting. Wild fans, I'm curious to know what you guys think of this concept. Could you see your team wearing these uniforms or are you happy with what they've got?

Oh, Canada!

I just posted Maple Leafs news with a tidbit about the Oilers' unveiling date. But wait! I have three more Canadian teams to work in today. Let's start out with the Montreal Canadiens because I haven't really had anything to post for them.

This is allegedly a photo of the Habs' new Rbk EDGE road jersey. But so much about it jumps out at me indicating that its not the real deal. First off, it's ugly as fuck (pardon that, please). Apologies to the person who designed it, but the stripage — yeesh! Anyway, the color at the cuff is off and the whole thing just feels very... fake, to me. Anybody else getting that feeling?

Next, we have another alleged photo of a Calgary Flames home jersey.

Don't we love how all these photos look so crystal clear? I get that many cell phone cameras are substandard, but are we to assume that everyone who has sneaky access to the new uniforms can't afford better than a $20 phone? And, exit soap box.

It's an interesting design and one that feels like something we've seen before. Anyway, if anyone can cull anything from that secondary logo, let us know. Can we find it on the shoulder of some minor league team someplace? Or are the Flames actually getting a new one as the horse with the flaming nostrils meets his maker?

Finally, I wanted to leave you with something to laugh at. It is in fact a Photoshop job, just as the upper right corner of the image informs us. The designer was just adapting a photo to the potentially leaked images we saw the other day if for no other reason than to supply us with a better visual.

So what are your thoughts everybody? The only other Canadian team I didn't cover today is the Ottawa Senators but we took care of them on Wednesday.

A Peek At The New Leafs Jersey?

While making my rounds on the various message boards, I recently bumped into the image below which is being touted as a sneaky photo of the new Rbk EDGE jersey for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As we've come to expect, it's blurry and doesn't show very much but for a number on the front of the sweater a la the Buffalo Sabres' new unis. Obviously, it's not out of the realm of possibility that this is the artistic work of a fan.

For one thing, I've been hearing for a very long time that the Maple Leafs are planning to update or modernize the logo. The one we sort of see here appears to be no different from what they've been using. Ah, but fear not, faithful Leafs fans, it won't be a drastic change. They do update it every couple of decades or so, so it's probably due.

Anyway, while I'm on the topic of fan-created artwork, a reader sent me this image he made based off of the Boston Bruins' new road sweaters.

It's pretty solid. What do you guys think? Would you like to see Toronto in something like this or something completely new and different just to changes things up?

By the way, just as a side note, I added the Edmonton Oilers to the uniform countdown. A reader wrote in saying that the unveiling date is said to be September 17, the day of the team's first preseason game. Despite there being no official word from the team on this matter, I'm tempted to say that date is rather solid considering they wouldn't wear their old uniforms for a preseason game anyway. If it comes sooner, though, I'll surely let you know.

Thrashers Fan Artwork

Get excited, Thrashers fans! You asked for it yesterday and some among you responded. I reader linked me to the following designs for a new Atlanta Thrashers jersey. Keep in mind they are only concepts and as far as I know, no change in logo is being contemplated at this time by the team.

How about them apples? It's certainly a unique take on branding for the Thrash. The designer certainly took "Blueland" and ran with it. He dropped the maroon altogether. They're sharp designs but I don't think there's really anything wrong with the current uniforms.

But if that wasn't enough for you, he also came up with an alternate jersey design, as seen below.

I really just think the color combination and jersey design of the current home uniforms work so much better. These are cool, but more like something I'd expect to see on the backs of a minor league club — that's certainly no offense at all. Still, Thrashers fans, we finally have something new for you to look at. What do you think? Go? No go?

UPDATE (8/6 5:30 PM): Good news for those of you who liked these Thrasher designs. I found better quality images. You can click on the images to enlarge them. These are the same jerseys posted above.

I also found graphics with a better look at the logo designs. If anyone else is seeing the Baltimore Ravens resemblance, I'm with you. It's a great set of logos, though. And any team would be lucky to wear them.

The second graphic features logos the designer created but ultimately did not use for this concept. They're all very sharp though with a very nice and clean color scheme. Thrashers fans, do you like these? Or do you prefer what your team wears right now?

Kings vs Blue Jackets


The Aesthetics
Both of these logos have lots of pointy edges. I don't know why that matters. Anyway, I like the color schemes in each logo and despite the fact that neither one has existed for very long, I see the Blue Jackets logo becoming a classic... you know, one day when the team actually makes the playoffs and that sort of thing. The Kings have struggled to find an identity when it comes to logos and I feel like this is just another in a long line.
Blue Jackets

The Nickname
An army is usually at the King's command. But in fact, it was the ancestors of the Blue Jackets who overthrew the King almost a hundred years before. So it's in their blood.
Blue Jackets

The Analysis
I know it isn't vital for a logo to incorporate the home city, but it's always a nice touch. You've got suns on either side of the crown in the Kings logo and the Ohio flag wrapping around a silver star for the Blue Jackets. I'm also a fan of subtlety in logos and the Kings are guilty. Check out those hockey sticks on top of the crown. If they were blatant, I'd be hesitant, but since they aren't, they'll help the Kings logo avoid the sweep. One more match left for each logo in this tournament.



Panthers vs Canadiens


The Aesthetics
That panther makes for one fierce logo. Unfortunately for the Panthers, though, simplicity is going to win the day for the Canadiens logo. There's a profound quality to it that's hard to describe which likely stems from the fact that it's only been around since the beginning of time itself. No, I'm not usually one to bend to the irritating whim of tradition, but what can I say? I'm helpless against the force today.

The Nickname
On the other hand, a hungry Panther would totally eat a Canadien for breakfast.

The Analysis
The Panthers logo speaks for itself, but not necessarily Florida or Miami. Whatever. The Canadiens logo speaks French to me, although there's been some debate about the meaning of the "H" here among the readers at the NHLToL. And when I say "debate," I of course mean me being a smartass. Now once and for all, may I state my opinion here before ultimately giving this point to the Habs. I understand that back in the day (1917 to be precise, right?), the "H" stood for hockey as the team was called Le Club de Hockey Canadien or something to that effect. However, my (ignorant?) stance is that in today's world where the team is more commonly known as the Habs, why can't the logo evolve to take on new meanings? I'm actually asking if anyone has a good reason why that makes absolutely no sense. Because I'm sure that's the case.



Bruins vs Devils


The Aesthetics
I was going to make a comment about how both of these logos have circles for primary elements. But what's wrong with circles, anyway? They've long made for great logos worldwide in every aspect. Anyway, they each also have letters inside their circles. Though, here's where I think I'd be more impressed if the "B" formed some sort of bruin since the "NJ" manages to form a devil. Good stuff.

The Nickname
Devil, all-powerful, et cetera. Bruin, itty-bitty bear in comparison. Fire, brimstone, hell, move on. Stupid Satan. Go ahead, smite me with your pitchfork! (Okay, that's enough.)

The Analysis
I don't know what it is that makes the Bruins logo stand out so much. Maybe its the thick black lines over yellow. Not that the Devils logo has nothing to offer. This is a tough one. But I have yet to actual mention this so I'm going to take this opportunity. It's been pointed out to me that the spokes behind the "B" form a wheel, a hub if you will. And why is this significant? In fact, Oliver Wendell Holmes referred to the State House in Boston as the "hub of the solar system." Long story short: It stuck. And here we are. The Hub of Hockey. End of the road for the Devils, by the way. Count 'em up.