Sunday, August 19, 2007

Let's Speculate Together

All right, at the request of a reader and in the interest of making information more easily accessible on this blog, I've added a new sidebar element I wanted to make note of here.

In less than a month from now, we should know what all of the new Rbk EDGE uniforms and logos look like. In the interim, we're forced to speculate. Along with all of the concept artwork I post, I try to keep up with potential information leaks as well. Among them are the Lightning and Senators logos and the Penguins' new uniforms.

Now, if you scroll down past the Changing Logos section of the sidebar, you'll find Speculation. There, I will post quick links to posts which feature content that might reasonably be considered to be leaked information, such as the specific examples cited above. If I've missed anything, do let me know and I'll add it.

Hope this makes the site a little more user-friendly. If you've got any other ideas or suggestions, don't hesitate to send them along.

All About The Isles

The New York Islanders unveiled their new Rbk EDGE jerseys to little fanfare last week. Some fans liked them. Some were indifferent. And some were none too happy with the striping and patchwork essence of the sweaters.

This design is very simple and screams Islander hockey to me, no question. I'm not sure what those semi-stripes are protruding from the collar, but I kind of like them. The best thing about it for me is the lighthouse logo on the left shoulder. I really think the Isles should've kept that or something like it after their late-'90s uniform disaster. Fact is, it wasn't all bad.

That's probably the best I've got to offer, but there's still more. One fan adapted this Los Angeles Kings concept with Islanders colors.

I think it needs a little work around the shoulders, but overall, it would be an improvement on the official jersey modeled by Rick DiPietro and Brendan Witt last week.

The last conept I have to offer comes from the same artist who created the designs I posted earlier today. And yes, it makes use of the lighthouse logo — as a primary crest. It might be going a little too far, but I figured it was worth a look.

Isles fans, any thoughts on these? Are the new Rbk EDGE jerseys that bad or am I making too much of that? Leave your comments below.

A Handful Of Uniform Concepts

My web travels today led me to Erik Kuhre's Portfolio of Art & Design site. Found a handful of jersey concepts I thought I'd share this afternoon. So let's dive right in.

Buffalo Sabres fans, you want blue and gold? Here's blue and gold. And a lot of it.

That's quite something, I thought. A little too much to actually be an NHL jersey, but there it is. I'm a big fan of that crossed-sabres logo but I like it better in black and red.

Here he had some fun with the Edmonton Oilers' third jersey logo — a logo I'm rather fond of. I don't like the orange in it, though. The blue looks better. That being said, I don't hate it on the blue jersey. I think the silver along the sleeves is pretty cool too. The Gretzky 99 sells me completely.

We know the Vancouver Canucks are getting new colors for this season, but take a look at this design anyway. I like the use of the "V" around the collar of this jersey, but the recolored '80s logo is too far down the sleeve at the cuff. The gloves would hide it. I also like the "V" on the sleeves and pants of this uniform concept.

I've got one more design to share from this artist, but I'm going to save it for a later post. I've got a bunch of New York Islanders concepts to add in the near future.

But anyway, what do you guys think of all these? Good work or not so much?

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