Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rbk EDGE Review: Wild

Part 2 of 30. All 30 NHL clubs have unveiled new jerseys under the new Rbk EDGE Uniform System for the 2007-08 season. Here at the NHLToL, we're going to review every one of them. Read up and then rate the new sweaters. We'll do a full ranking after completing all of the reviews.

Rbk EDGE Uniform System

Minnesota Wild

New Uniforms

Old Uniforms

The Unveiling
Friday, September 7. The Wild unveiled their new uniforms via their web site.

Home vs. Road
Home: Red. Road: White. The sweaters feature different crests and completely different designs. The standard primary logo serves as the crest on the white sweater while last year's third jersey crest is seen on the red jersey.

The red home jerseys feature thin, wheat-colored piping around the shoulders. The upper-arms are green extending to the shoulder at the top and bordered by a wheat stripe beneath. The collar is wheat and laced at the front. There are no stripes at the waist.

The white road jerseys feature a thick green stripe along the tops of the sleeves, outlined in wheat and red stripes. The secondary logo is on the shoulders. Thick red and green stripes go around the waist, padded by a thin what stripe. The collar is double-striped with wheat on the inside and red on the outside.

In The Details
The shoulder patches featuring the secondary logo are found on both shoulders of the road sweater while the shoulders of the home sweater are blank.

New & Old
The major change is that last year's green jersey is gone. While it may return in the future as an alternate, last year's third jersey design paved the way for this year's new home sweater — right down to the same crest with the bear head logo inside a circle with the team name and two stars within it. The white sweater, however, remains largely the same, adapted to the new Rbk EDGE cut.

Standard FAQ
Numbers on the front? No.
Laces at the collar? Yes, only on the home jersey.

NHLToL Editorial by Chris
The order of these reviews is random but like the Bruins, this is another uniform I really love. When the Wild first introduced their third jersey, I was an instant fan. I thought, if every team looked that good, the NHL would really be on to something. But then we all know that story, don't we. I like this combination, though. It retains an old-fashioned feel at home with a unique, updated look on the road. However, I don't care much for the collar on the white jersey or the shoulder patches — elements which prevent me from giving the uniform a perfect score. 4/5

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Drew Celestino said...

Not a fan of the home. The away layout is much stronger, and the logo is fantastic and deserves to stand on its own.

Zooch said...

I think it is to early for the Wild to be making a uniform change of this measure they came into the league (not that long ago) as a green team with red and gold/buff highlites. Although I really like the red uniform. I think that the green color was more unique. The red, with the different crest was a good alt. uniform but to see it everyday may ruin its novelty.

phxcoyotes26 said...

where's the vote button?

Chris said...

Still having problems with it. You can try a couple of things. Click on the post title and the poll should look right. Or first click on "View Results" then "Return to Poll." I'm trying to get that issue worked out. Thanks!

Bryce said...

"where's the vote button?"

Try hitting enter after you click the button you wish to vote for

Anonymous said...

The "head" logo is one of the most ingenious ever - To use all the different pieces to make it what it is is fantastic! By the way...is it a bear or a cat? That's what makes it great...it says "Wild" - I like the "retro" red with the circle crest...old school without being too cheesy

Darryl said...

its a bear, cats have triangle ears. nuff said

Mason said...

When the logo was first released, that was the main question: "Is it a bear or a cat." The answer given was always that it's supposed to be a somewhat ambiguous beast. I think it most resembles a bear because of the rounded ear, as Darryl mentioned.

I totally agree with Zooch also about the new home jersey. I already miss the (now) old green-dominant jersey. Last years third jersey was supposed to be a retro-styled jersey, but can it be retro anymore if they wear it 41 games out of the year? The effect definitely will wear off and then it'll be just another red jersey.

Melissa said...

One of my- two of my favourite jerseys in the league. Was happy they went with the retro look for the dark jersey.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the "shoulder stripe going down to the wrist" thing on the white. In fact, I like the white, a lot, and if I buy a jersey, I'll get the white one.

I don't like the bicep stripe on the red jersey... In fact, I'm just not a fan of the red jersey period. The cuffs and waistline are BORING without any form of stripe, the bicep stripes (the random splotch of green), the wheat piping... The more I look at the red jersey, the more I might end up doing a concept for a new red jersey myself here soon.

Finny said...

This is a tough one to review, I think the new dark jersey is more traditional but at the same time the Wild are known as that team in the dark green and yes there logo is one of the best creations. I suppose maybe the team recognized this and kept the white to keep the peace. Overall the total package is average for me, not bad but not great, the red/green reminds me of Christmas.

zdaddy said...

My last review is apporiate that it is on Halloween, as this would be the only time I would wear what I consider, THE UGLIEST JERSEY IN THE NHL! The red looks like "geranimals", the crest desigin, is it a wolf? a bear? or a spaceship? i can live with shoulder pad patches but when it runs comepletely down the arm, it is just hideous. And dont even get me started on the green pants they wear that shows the players ass sweat quite well. I honestly couldnt design un uglyier uniform than this Christmas tree from hell one. HALF star out of 5. Im outta here.

ranndino said...

One of those weird ones. When I first saw the red one I thought it was kinda ugly and too Xmas looking, but it's definitely grown on me and I like it now. Looks very unique. I like the white one as well. Big fan of colored vertical stripes down the sleeves.

ranndino said...

Want to add something else. Their logo is absolutely brilliant. Imagine yourself as a graphic designer with an assignment to come up with a logo for a team called Wild. Yeah, have fun. It's an abstract concept and those are the toughest to come up with a symbol for (I'm a designer myself) whether it's a logo or an icon. I think that whoever designed it got it spot on. It's an abstract wild beast running through the forest at night with a full moon out. The essence of wild. Awesome!