Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Playoff Predictions 2008!

Nobody asked me but I write a hockey blog and I'd be odd-man out if I didn't post my ill-informed predictions for the 2008 Stanley Cup playoffs. So prepare yourselves. By no means am I any sort of authority on analysis of the league (I only know my Lightning) so take it for what it is. And what can I say? I love the playoffs!

Without any reasonable explanation or rationale whatsoever, my picks are as follows.


Montreal vs Boston
Canadiens in 4
; Come on, you've seen their regular season record right?

Pittsburgh vs Ottawa
Penguins in 5
; The Sens get one win, if that. Damn Pens are just too strong.

Washington vs Philadelphia
Capitals in 6
; The Flyers were the worst team a year ago by a lot. Strides? Yes. But not leaps and bounds.

New Jersey vs NY Rangers
Rangers in 7
; Tough one but I envision a long series with a tired Brodeur at the end.

Detroit vs Nashville
Red Wings in 5
; You don't barely make the playoffs then knock out a club with 54 regular season wins.

San Jose vs Calgary
Sharks in 6
; The Sharks will win the Cup.

Minnesota vs Colorado
Avalanche in 6
; Just a gut call. No evidence to back it up.

Anaheim vs Dallas
Stars in 7
; Champion schmampion.


Montreal vs NY Rangers
Canadiens in 6
; The Rangers will fall apart after the first round.

Pittsburgh vs Washington
Penguins in 5
; The series of the year featuring Sid versus Ovie but I give it to Crosby and his cohorts.

Detroit vs Colorado
Red Wings in 6
; I love it any time these two get together. Wings are powerful, though.

San Jose vs Dallas
Sharks in 4
; The Sharks will run away with it.


Montreal vs Pittsburgh
Penguins in 7
; Kind of cliché to go with Nos. 1 and 2 but I have no choice.

Detroit vs San Jose
Sharks in 5
; Risky bet but there's a history of upset here.


San Jose vs Pittsburgh
Sharks in 7
; It'll be a hard-fought battle to the bitter end but my money's on them this postseason. But I admit the triangle theme is weird.

So there it is. Oh and don't bother emailing or commenting to say how wrong or stupid I am. I already know it.

Feel free to add your predictions below in the comments. I'm considering posting polls for each series to see what the majority are predicting. If this is something you guys are interested in, let me know. Playoffs start tomorrow. Get excited!


Jon said...

preds all the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely interested in the polls! Here's my predictions:

Eastern Conference
MTL vs BOS --- MTL in 5
PIT vs OTT --- PIT in 6
WSH vs PHI --- WSH in 6
NJD vs NYR --- NJD in 7

Western Conference
DET vs NSH --- DET in 5
SJS vs CGY --- SJS in 5
MIN vs COL --- COL in 6
ANA vs DAL --- ANA in 5

Anonymous said...

Wooo Sharks! Too bad we're gonna win it with that horrid burnt orange on our jerseys!

Thraffe said...

gotta say, if you think the rangers are falling apart, think again. the rangers were the best intradivisional team in the league this year, were top 4 intraconference. They've been playing playoff hockey for 3 months now, and theres no sign of that stopping. If that isn't enough, they've been felled in regulation a mere 3 times since the ASB, and two of those three were at the hands of the Lightning and Panthers.

Watch out.

Washington said...

408, if burnt orange is what it takes for SJ to get over the 2nd round hump (and conf. finals hump for that matter), go burnt orange. ok maybe not really.

I think MTL will take the east though. And I think MIN will take care of COL this year.

Austin said...

i cant see NYR falling apart in the second round, especially to MTL. They've looked mighty comfortable against them this season(save for that crazy 5 goal blown lead thing)

I see NYR v. PIT in the conference finals in the East

SJ v. Det in the west

Pit v. Det in the cup

Det winner

The Reverend Dan said...

You CAN barely make the playoffs and and knock off a first seed. Historically, Detroit has been bumped off by an eighth seed, 4 times in the last 15 years. 93-94 by the Sharks. 00-01 by the Kings. 02-03 by the Ducks. 05-06 by the Oilers, in which they lost the series 4-2 after amassing 58 wins that season.

danman8tsevan said...

First we shall start in the west.

Detroit vs Nashville
Red Wings in 4
ya nashvilleis good but pfft they have no chance.

San Jose vs Calgary
Sharks in 6; i was gonna sayi think the flames will win, just cuz i like em but... ide be lying i i said so.

Minnesota vs Colorado
Avalanche in 7, dont know why

Anaheim vs Dallas
ducks in 7; they will lose in the second rounf though.


Montreal vs Boston
Canadiens in 6; i hate boston

Pittsburgh vs Ottawa
Penguins in 6; Pens are just too strong.

Washington vs Philadelphia
Capitals in 6; ovetchkin, plus the flyers are pathetic

New Jersey vs NY Rangers
Devils in 7; Brodeur is a winner, what else can you say.

Brian C said...

i too thought that the sharks and pens would make it to the finals! that would be a very entertaining series. and whats this "big" thing coming????

Anonymous said...

no... I'm not giving justification since you didn't. but there's no way that San Jose will beat Detroit in FIVE. its not gonna happen

Q said...

Ducks are 20-5-1 since Selanne came back... Schmampions, heh? We'll see...

Anonymous said...

Aren't they also something like 1-20-5 when Pronger is suspended?

Emo said...

My predictions actually look quite similar but I picked Montreal and San Jose in the Finals with Montreal taking the Cup. I HOPE!

Darryl said...

everybody is writing off detroit, well i hate to tell you but just like last year, they are gonna beat out the sharks, and unlike last year they arent gonna stall in the conference final. look for a detroit/rangers final, orginal six ftw

Arenacale said...

Don't be hating on the B's here...they're not gonna get swept, at least. Bergy's coming back, after all!

Pas said...

Mtl-bos = mtl 4
Pit-Ott = ott 7
was- phi- was 6
ny-nj- nj 7

det-nash- nash 7 ( yep got to have one upset at least )

sj- calg =sj 6
ana-dall- ana 7
min-col = col 7

Lyndon said...

ahaha, i love how everyone but Chris is against the Stars.

does Anaheim really seem THAT unstoppable?
afterall, Stars lead the regular season series between the two 5-3.

if that's not reason enough to give the Ducks some doubt, then i dont think anything can sway them.

Go Stars.

Anonymous said...

I think the flyers will win in six, but unless montreal is upset, they will make it no further than that, if on the other hand boston does win, and so does pittsburgh, I think the flyers will take Pittsburgh. I dont know about the Rangers series, two teams who dont score with great goaltending, i see alot of OT in that series. I think Pittsburgh could choke again, this is almost the same series as last year, except ottawa has been falling apart as of late, but are still a stronger playoff team than Pitt, gonchar is weak in the playoffs, so if fleury. In the west i think the teams to beat are DET, The ducks, and The wild. Strong Goaltending wins cups. The Ducks look to me like the most complete team in Hockey, a great goalie, stacked defense and good scoring. The wild had a shot last year if they hadnt played the ducks in round one, I just think the Avs are injured, and Theodore doesnt seem like he can carry a team through the playoffs, at least not in the past. I dont think the sharks are anything to get excited about, they do this every year and let their fans down (i used to love them and the ducks until they changed to these god awful unis) But on the other hand anaheim changed to those atrocities they call jerseys and won a cup, could work for san jose too.

ali said...

As much of a CAPS and Ovechkin fan I am, there's no way the'll win against Philly; I mean this is a team that the penguins didn't want to play and purposely lost against.
They are too tough
and they have 7 20 GOAL SCORERS

Anonymous said...

okay, there's only one matchup that matters to me and im going to voice my opinion on it:


can someone please explain to me why they think the capitols are better than the flyers?!?! it makes no sense! sure they have olvechkin, but other than that they have an ok goalie and two fossils compared to philadelphia's great depth. the flyers have SEVEN 20+ goal scorers along with amazing balance from the 1st to the 4th line.

as long as philadelphia plays the same rough and tumble type of game they've been doing all year i see no possible way washington wins.

nogoodbye said...

meh. I'm picking the Sens to pull off the biggest first round upset. IMHO Pittsburgh lacks the goaltending to go deep in the playoffs. Ty Conklin.. no. Dany Sabourin.. no. And M.A. Fluery has never been the same goalie since he scored on himself to lose the WJ gold medal game. (Like Tommy Salo was never the same after the weak goal in the Olympics)

nogoodbye said...

Also picking the Stars/Wings/Sharks/Canadiens/Rangers/Caps to win in the first round.
So lyndon you and chris aren't the only one for the Stars. Stars in 6 (in what will be the most boring first round series)

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I'm correct about this but don't they get reseeded after the first round?

Your match ups would be Montreal Vs. Washington and Pens Vs. Rangers

I thought they get reseeded by points after the first round. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Anonymous said...

monteal would play nyr 1 vs 5 and pittsburgh would play Washington 2 vs 3

Gideon said...

I really, really hope you're right about the Sharks.

Erik said...

they get re-seeded by seed, not by record

by the way Chris, that new "big" thing is so tantalyzing that is the next thing i am looking forward to

Anonymous said...

figured id let people know the season series
Montreal 7-0-1 over boston
Ottawa 2-1-1 over Pitt
Philly 2-1-1 over was
Rangers 7-0-1 over the devils
Detroit 5-3 over nash
Calgary 3-1 over sharks
Wild 4-3-1 over Avs
Dallas 5-2-1 over Anahiem

i dont know if any of this matters, but we could see some upsets

Anonymous said...

[1]Habs in 5
[7]Sens in 6
[6]Philly in 5
[4]Devils in 7

Habs over Sens in 6
Philly over NJ in 6

Habs over Philly in 5

[8] Preds in 6
[2] Sharks in 5
[3] Wild in 6
[5] Dallas in 6

Wild over stars in 6
Sharks over PReds in 5

Sharks over Wild in 7


Habs over Sharks in 7....OT winner in Game 7 Scored by Josh Gorges...Biting his former team in the ass

Rob said...

oh god i hope your predictions are accurate

yeah the sharks did upset the wings

but did u see their collapse against them last year?

Drew Ross said...

Eastern Conference

Montreal in 6 The Habs are good this year.

Pittsburgh in 5 Crosby, Malkin, Hossa, et al...too strong

Washington in 6 Ovechkin likes to shoot. He also likes to score.

New York Rangers in 4 Sorry, Marty, not your year.

Western Conference

Detroit in 5 Any game the Wings was caused by a mistake by the Wings not a success by their opponent.

Calgary in 5 Sorry, but I just don't think that Joe Thornton will be able to keep his cool all the way through this series and keep his passing ways up.

Colorado in 7 A long, hard series. Winner will have a hard time in the next round no matter what.

Dallas in 6 The Stars will finally come out of their playoff rut. They lead the season series 5 to 3 and are coming off an impressive final stretch.

Anonymous said...

MTL vs BOS - MTL in 4
PIT vs OTT - PIT in 5
WSH vs PHI - PHI in 6
NJD vs NYR - NYR in 5

DET vs NSH - DET in 5
SJS vs CGY - CGY in 6
MIN vs COL - COL in 6
ANA vs DAL - DAL in 7
MTL vs PHI - PHI in 7
PIT vs NYR - PIT in 7

DET vs CGY - DET in 5
DAL vs COL - DAL in 6
PHI vs PIT - PHI in 6

DET vs DAL - DAL in 7
PHI vs DAL - PHI in 7

Nick said...

The HABS are NOT going to the finals. Bottom line.

Buccaneer said...

Why all the lack of respect for the Wings? Has anyone won as many games or playoff games in the last 10 years? How can anyone just write them off?

Wings will beat the Penguins in 6.

Kevin said...

fl1psk8er77 is the closest by far...

but I predict the Flyers beat Pens in 6 (maybe 7 if Pens are lucky)

Red Wings beat Stars in 6

then finals I pick Flyers over Red Wings in 7 (no repeat of 1997!)

Anonymous said...

hmm, the playoffs are going my way... 9-0 when i've went to games this season...