Sunday, April 29, 2007


St. Louis BLUES

Team Information
Team Colors / blue, gold, navy, white
Inaugural Season / 1967-68 (40 years)
Current Logo / 1998-99 (9 years)

Tournament History

2007 Qualifying Tournament
5-9, 15 pts
Finished 12th in West; 22nd overall


Gregory said...

Actually the BlueNote has been the St. Louis Logo since their inception in 1967/1968. The only change to the actual BlueNote has been the addition of the Words St. Louis Blues at the top of the Note. The jerseys under the Note has change numerous times, but the Note it's self remains the one and only logo of the St. Louis Blues.

Anonymous said...

the note has undergone minor changes from its first iteration in the 60s to the 80s/90s one to the one we have now. notice how the 90s one is more rounded and of course includes red. the current one is sleeker and sharper and the stem sits at a sharper angle. and gladly no red.