Friday, June 1, 2007

2007-08 NHL Team Logo Changes

All right, so we know all 30 clubs are getting brand spanking new uniforms this fall with the league converting everyone to the new Rbk EDGE jerseys. The question is who will be getting new logos to match? It's difficult to keep track. Here's what I know or have heard through solid or weak sources divided into three categories.

"Definite" means the team has either announced publicly or to retailers a logo change is coming. In most cases, they've also released an announcement date. "Probable" means that according to multiple sources, a change is coming but nothing is set in stone and no announcement date has been released. "Maybe But Maybe Not" indicates a logo change has been mentioned by people mouthing off about things they don't know. The thing is though, some of them do know what they're talking about and I want to have all my ducks in a row. That was all rather self-explanatory.

• Vancouver Canucks (Aug 01)
• Washington Capitals (Jun 22)

• Boston Bruins
• Ottawa Senators
• San Jose Sharks
• Tampa Bay Lightning

• Dallas Stars
• Toronto Maple Leafs

Now I'm creating one more category. It's the teams I think should consider a logo change this season.

• Anaheim Ducks
• Buffalo Sabres
• Chicago Blackhawks
• Edmonton Oilers
• New York Rangers

Follow-up On The B's

Yeah, so not all that surprisingly there's been no announcement of a new logo for the Boston Bruins today. Although I have since rather conveniently read that there will be an announcement at the draft, a la the Washington Capitals. So whatever, I've heard there will be a new logo this year but until we get official word from the league or team, they're not going in the sidebar countdown.

If they decide to surprise us, then so be it. I'll have coverage here.