Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gallery Updates

I just added a bunch of graphics to the Concepts Gallery. There are about 50 new images in there. Some have been posted here on the blog and some haven't. Enjoy!

Everybody Loves Buffalo

This should be a strange enough topic for a concept art post. You'll see what I mean in a second. First, here's a jersey for the Buffalo Sabres I think is way better than what they have. I say that not being a fan of the current blue and gold color scheme.

Stop throwing things at me.

So anyway, here's what I was really getting at. People keep sending it concept art based off of the Buffalo Sabres "template," so to speak. Check out this Flyers jersey.

To be fair, it's a pretty cool design. For a jersey everyone hates, there sure are a lot of folks interested in using it for their own team. And I'll tell you what else. I'm curious to see how into this you guys are. Let's see if we can do one for every team in the league!

And if someone wants to scour through the Concepts Gallery to find any others, we'll start keeping a list. I just think it's kind of funny. And I'm sure there are Sabres fans reading here, just giddy over the idea.

Here's a Canucks jersey design.

Interesting new logo concept, right? Well there's more where that came from.

Maybe a nice secondary? Not sure about using it for the crest.

All right, I await your Sabres-based concepts, everyone. Don't let me down.

Poll: Whalers vs Maple Leafs


Place your vote and then feel free to leave a comment as to how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

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Thu Oct 25 @ 1:59 PM
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07VNTRN | #3B | HFD79vTOR38

Reebok Replacing New Jerseys With Old?

Interesting development coming out of Boston today. According to the Boston Herald the Bruins may be getting new jerseys — the same cut but the old material. Here's an excerpt from the article that talks about this.

According to sources in the B’s dressing room, Reebok has been unable to correct problems with the new jerseys introduced this season across the NHL and will replace them at the company’s expense with new uniforms made of the old materials.

Players have complained since training camp that the new jerseys, which are supposed to be lighter and allow sweat to evaporate out through the shirts, have instead trapped water inside and gotten heavier.

We'll see what happens. I'm intrigued. Will the EDGE go down in history as one of the NHL's biggest flubs?

Thanks to Jeff for the tip.