Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pens' Prospects Exhibit New Sweaters

One last post today. We've got a few pictures of Pittsburgh Penguins prospects wearing the their new jerseys while playing the Ottawa Senators in Kitchener this weekend. Thought I'd share.

As has been pointed out, the players aren't wearing the new socks and pants, only the sweaters.

You know, the Panthers and Penguins come to town wearing their new Rbk EDGE uniforms. It begs the question: Why aren't the Sens' prospects wearing theirs? They've been unveiled already. Anyone know?

Anyway, for me it's just another example of the new Rbk EDGE jerseys looking better on players than hangers. We'll make t-shirts: "Better on players than on hangers." Have a great night all!


Brian said...

The more I see of the new Pens' uniforms, the more I like them. Definitely better than the ones that leaked in July, but still not as good as last year's version. And losing the 'Dead Pigeon' logo on the shoulders is a smart move. I just wonder why the striping isn't the same on the replica Pens' jerseys as the authentic ones? Anyone else notice this?

Artymous said...

The Pen's jerseys are exactly like the ones that were leaked in July.

Ryan said...

yes... people really don't seem to be catching on to that. the leaked jerseys were the real ones. they are the same. not prototypes, not slightly adjusted. they are exactly the same.

Josh said...

Personally, as a pens fan I love these jerseys. They succeed by their simplicity. The only change I wish to see would be a change from gold to yellow (This version of gold is more 'pastel' and muted though)

I find it weird however that you cant notice the side stripe from the front that much (if at all) but it is very noticeable from the back or back/side.