Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blues vs Oilers


The Aesthetics
We certainly get a fair amount of blue between these two logos. That aside, the circle has always been a classic logo shape, but I've always found odd shapes more interesting to look at. The Blues logo features a musical note attached to a wing. My eye is more drawn to it.

The Nickname
I guess you might say an Oiler could sing the Blues. But who has the upper hand. Since an oil man is a person, though, he has the freedom of choice. He could sing a happy tune if he wanted.

The Analysis
Both teams have been in the league for a lot of years and both, in the past decade, have given upgrades to their logos. In fact, the Blues current logo is more of an improvement on the original. But you could also say that about the Oilers as well. It's a very difficult call to make as to which team gets this point, but as far as logos go, I've never liked ones which spell out the team name. The Blues get it.



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