Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rangers vs Canadiens


The Aesthetics
The blue, red and white abound here. Truthfully, I like the Canadiens logo's blue is better. It's a little deeper and contrasts the red nicely. Unfortunately for the Rangers, the spelling out of the team name and city always makes for an unwelcome distraction. The Canadiens logo not only has a "C" but a subtle "H."

The Nickname
A park Ranger is a big fella who lives in the wilderness. A little French Canadien would get pounded in a fistfight. No chance.

The Analysis
For both teams, the nicknames make it difficult to come up with a logo that pushes beyond letters. Both logos come from Original Six teams and so have been around a number of years. Their staying power is impressive but do they really represent their team names? The Rangers logo utilizes a simple shield common in many logos while the Canadiens actually works in a subtle "H" that means something to French fans. For being clever, the Canadiens squeak by with the point.




Anonymous said...

The offical name of the Canadiens is "Club de hockey canadien". The "H" stand for hockey.

Chris said...

Aw, you gave away the secret. There was all this mysterioso and then you swooped in. It's cool, we still like you. And please do keep reading all the nonsense I come up with. Thanks for the comment!

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