Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thanks For The Comments

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone — all two of you — for commenting. Just to let you know, I read and respond to all comments and appreciate them more than you can know. It means people actually read this drivel of mine. Makes it all worthwhile.

Seriously, keep reading and as long as you've got something to say, keep commenting!


Urban Daddy said...


Thanks for responding.

I love your site - wish I found it earlier. I love the way you make your decisions.

That Capitals jersey is scary!

I'm going to add you to the links on my blog so all 4 of my regualrs can see this too. LOL.

Keep up the great work!!!!

Chris said...

That Caps jersey is VERY scary! I have nightmares and I'm a Lightning fan!

Thanks for the kind words and the link. It's always nice to hear.