Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Senators vs Maple Leafs


The Aesthetics
The Senators logo makes much more use of color than the Maple Leafs. Another thing that detracts from the Maple Leafs logo is, as always, the words spelled out. I believe it was in the '70s or '80s that the Leafs actually donned a wordless Leaf on their uniform shoulders. What ever happened to that?

The Nickname
If a Senator, walking down a sidewalk, stepped on a Maple Leaf that had fallen from a tree, he would no doubt crush it with a crackle.

The Analysis
Despite the fact that I like the use of a design similar to the Canadian flag's primary element as the Maple Leafs logo, I always go back to my distaste for logos which spell out a name and/or city. But I'd settle for something even a little more interesting to the eye. The logo used on the third jerseys is a good example of what can be done. And even though I like the Senators logo, it wouldn't hurt if they did the same. They're third jersey crest is one of the best. Ultimately, however, they do get this point.




Urban Daddy said...

You've got to be kidding me!?!

The Trojan Condom's logo gets more marks than one of hockeys best logo's???

There are more Leaf fans than Sens fans by a 100-1 margin and even in the cup finals, people in Toronto voted for the Ducks (over their neighbours in Ontario) because of the hatred of all things Senators.

Their logo bites!

Leafs Rule!

And the second best logo... Hartford Whalers!

3rd, NJ Devils.

PS. I love this blog!!! Thanks.

Chris said...

Hey, I didn't make the rules. Oh, wait, I'm sorry I did.

Kidding, but hey I warned everybody at the beginning I'd be bullshitting my way through this whole thing and there's no way to please everyone.

By the way, thanks for reading the blog. If enough people do, I'll open things up for a vote after the tournament to see what the world thinks is the NHL's "best" logo.

Wendigo C. Blattsburgh-Pygsmyyth IV said...

Dear blogger:

You are obviously a fag with some sort of visual handicap.

j/k (kind of)

Chris said...

In my years I've learned there's no way to please everybody all the time and anyone who wishes to talk like that to a perfect stranger, I feel no need to even consider. Thanks for the input, cretin!