Thursday, August 30, 2007

Result: Thrashers vs Sabres


54% 6,427 votes


46% 5,417 votes

11,844 total votes

Atlanta Thrashers
Advancing to Quarterfinals to face Lightning or Flyers

Buffalo Sabres

Poll opening date
Aug 22 @ 4:20 AM
Poll closing date
Aug 29 @ 11:59 PM



Anonymous said...

... and so the thrashers win the fight to see who gets annihilated in round 2.

Anonymous said...

As bad as the Thrashers logo is, it's stick stirring kool aid bird is better than the slug.

There is the proof that it wasn't the logo for the Sabres that sold sweaters last season...

Bye Bye angry little yellow penis.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the disdain for the buffaslug. I like it just fine. The color schemes are right and the #'s on the front is a revolutionary idea in the mostly static NHL.

Besides all that, the Thrashers logo chosen for the tournament is the one that I least like. I like the other, more abstract logo.

o well o.

Anonymous said...

I'm more irked by Buffalo's constant confusion between its city's name and its team name more than a slug ressemblance.