Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blackhawks Jersey News

Much like what the Penguins have done, the Chicago Blackhawks have promulgated information regarding their new Rbk EDGE uniforms for this fall via a Q&A column on their web site.

GM Dale Tallon answered 10 fan questions on the web site, one of which referred to the new jerseys.

What changes will there be in the new style jersey, if any at all, and when will the Hawks show off the new jersey?
— Dave, Northern Illinois

September 14 we'll show it off. Everything is pretty well status quo as far as the look. It's just different fabrics and a different fit. It's a tighter fit — more aerodynamic, more modern fabrics that are moisture wicking to improve comfort level so players will be able to stay cool for a longer period of time. But the overall jersey will look the same.

So it confirms the date we already have in the sidebar countdown and indicates no real changes — I'm guessing, along the sames lines as the Red Wings and Rangers.

Enjoy the news, Hawks fans. You'll get to see your new jersey two weeks from tomorrow. I will of course have photos here.


Anthony said...

They shouldn't mess with perfection, and it seems as though they aren't.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If the jerseys aren't changing much, then why wait to show it?

murpharoo71 said...

I'm a Sens fan, but I am really glad they are not changing the blackhawks jersey. When it comes to logo's I have to say blackhawks have the nices to look at. The colours and design, it legendary. When it comes to simplicity the logo I like is the habs, but when it comes to design and so on...blackhawks..