Saturday, August 4, 2007

Flames vs Avalanche


The Aesthetics
Despite what some readers may think, I actually like letter-based logos. We've got flames on a "C" and an avalanche on an "A." Plus, I've said before that I feel like the Avalanche logo will be an all-time NHL logo classic. But that's not to say the Flames logo isn't already. However, when we look at the elements of these logos, the avalanche is being led by a subtle puck and that is cool.

The Nickname
This is the ultimate battle. Fire and ice. The Flames melt the Avalanche, turning it into a waterfall which extinguishes the fire. That was a pretty good one.

The Analysis
This is another hard call to make. If you want to know my thoughts on these logos, you should go back and read their previous matches since I'd rather not go through it all again. The deciding factor, though, will be that as one of the few Canadian teams, the Flames logo's "C" can stand for Calgary or Canada. The "A" is only for Avalanche.



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Anonymous said...

A) could stand for america analysis sorry to tell you