Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mailbag: "Buffaslug" A Scam?

Ever since I set up an email address for this blog, I've been getting some of the most interesting and strange emails I've ever seen. I'm filing this one in the nutty bin but I wanted to at least show it to all of you. Before I say anything about it, just have a read and then feel free to laugh to yourself for a little while.

the sabres slug was a scam. they are planning on revealing the final logo this september. the new blue and gold project was in on it the whole time.

That was the cryptic message I received today. Verbatim. And the image to which he linked can be seen below.

Now, for the record, I think the Blue & Gold Project is amazing. I've had a link to it on the sidebar since I started this site. John Slabyk does some of the best work I've ever seen. I was a graphic artist for a newspaper for eight years and every time I think about going back into the field, I see work like that and think twice. (That's why I'm sticking with television.)

Anyway, having said that, it would be utterly ridiculous for us to really put stock in this email. As we know, Photoshop is more prevalent than ever these days and therefore what you see, is not necessarily what you will get. The reason I say it is ridiculous is that there's no way a multi-million-dollar NHL club goes through the hassle of creating a whole new identity, only to dump it after just 12 months.

Forget the uniforms. Think of all the hats, t-shirts, bumper stickers and other merchandise with the "Buffaslug" logo. Think of how much money it would cost to create all new merchandise with a new logo. I'm sorry, I do love the logo Slabyk created and I hope one day the Buffalo Sabres can use it or something similar, but don't hold your breath for this season.

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UPDATE (8/5 6:16 PM): We need to ease off on all the confusion here. I'm reading in some places things that would make English teachers everywhere sit down on the floor and cry. If only people would read.

The image featured in this post, as was stated, is just for fun. But to clear things up, I wanted to add the screen grab in the comments to the actual post as an update. As you can see, there's a very clever watermark in the image proving its lack of authenticity as far as that goes. I'm trying not to spread rumors here, but the trick is reading what gets posted along with the pictures.


The BH said...

If you view that pic in your Firefox browser using the View Image function (without viewing it full-size, and instead viewing it so it fits within your browser window, there is a watermark on that pic that reads "THIS IS FICTION." -- this is what I got.

josh said...

wow good eye bh...I would have never saw that

Drew Celestino said...

Only in my dreams will the slug ever be salted permanently. I will never, ever own a single piece of merchandise bearing that ridiculous design.

Ben said...

also if you look at real sheets like that the right half is in black and white and not just the against the other colors. oh how i wish it was true though

Chris said...

Excellent catch on the watermark, by the way. I thought there was a funky pattern there but I couldn't quite figure it out. Gold star for you.

Anyway, I just thought it would be something funny to post knowing full well it would never come to pass. Thanks for reading, all!