Sunday, July 29, 2007

Some Flames, Flyers Jersey Design Concepts

One fan designed this Calgary Flames concept based off of the infamous all-star jerseys. It has the horse shoulder logo though we've heard that's no more, but I thought we'd all might like to have a look anyway.

If not, I've still got more. We got a little sneak peek of the new Philadelphia Flyers Rbk EDGE jersey last week and a few fans have taken it upon themselves to make designs based on that.

So here's one.

I think it's more wishful thinking than anything from a fan who doesn't want to see the jerseys change very much if at all.

One other thing I've noticed. If the jerseys that have already been unveiled are any indication, the crests are growing on all these new jerseys. So expect to see a much bigger Flyers logo on the front of that bad boy when it finally gets unveiled.

And for what it's worth, I like the logos on the chest being bigger. Let's make sure we can all see it from the nosebleed seats.


Anonymous said...

I dont know how we are supposed to submit stuff, but I made this jersey concept with a new horse logo. The mane of the horse is the flames from the C if you notice. Its not completely from scratch.

Chris said...

You got it right. You can just submit stuff through the comments on any post. As for that design, I think it's pretty killer! I'll definitely post it later on and we can see what kind of reaction it gets. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Found the new Canucks jersey!