Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Stars Uniforms Coming September 14

According to an administrator on the Dallas Stars' official message board, we can expect to see their new Rbk EDGE jerseys on September 14. So I've added that date to the countdowns in the sidebar. Thanks to Josh for the tip!

While we're on the subject though, I ran across a fan design on that same message board that I thought was kind of funny.

It's a play on the Minnesota North Stars logo with a "D" for, you guessed it, Dallas. For those of you who don't know your hockey history, the Dallas Stars moved from Minnesota in 1993.

Anyway, thought it was a funny design and felt like sharing it along with the news of the unveiling date.


Anonymous said...

Even though the North Stars left the great state of Minnesota, I don't think Dallas should use almost the exact same design. The team has left there for the jersey design should be completely different. Colors are fine, but not the design. People around here still wear North Star jerseys, let Minnesota remember our first ever hockey team.

Chris said...

Oh, by no means will that design ever be worn on NHL ice. I just thought it was a funny design. That's the only reason I posted it.

As far as I know, the Stars have no plans to change their current logo (which, as you know, the North Stars actually wore during their final season in Minnesota). All we're expecting is a jersey in the Reebok style. Thanks for commenting!

Kyle said...

i wuz looking through the dallas stars message board and the guy that made that jersey design said he was drunk when he made it for a photoshop contest
At the time he thought that it looked incredible

Anonymous said...

Found the new Canucks jersey!

Chris said...

That's a funny story. It's a unique perspective, to be sure, but who would've thought it was born out of inebriation? Thanks for the comment, Kyle!