Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sabres vs Bruins


The Aesthetics
It's a bit of a toss-up here. I think both logos are pretty aesthetically strong. But these are both logos that have been changed in the last couple years. As far as improvements, I think both are better than what they had, but that the Bruins logo is more of an improvement than the Sabres. The return to traditional colors was nice but for a way to make it better, just ask John Slabyk.

The Nickname
This would have been a good showdown if it was bruin and buffalo. But instead, it's Bruin versus Sabre, and with the latter in the hands of an experience swordsman, I have my doubts for the big bear.

The Analysis
Neither logo portrays its name it's meant to very well — although the case has been made that there's a blue sabre along the back of the buffalo with the horn also serving as the handle. I'd still like to see the secondary logo on the crest sans the word marks, but that may have to wait until the day third jerseys make their glorious return.




Anonymous said...

the bruins spoke logo represents a spoked wagon wheel. the wagon wheel represents boston as one of the earliest settlers towns in us history, and since travel was like it was, known as the center of the new world, or eastern sea front along with new york.

Chris said...

Thanks for the comment! Someone else commented with something similar noting that Boston was a hub, just like you're saying. Hence the slogan "The Hub of Hockey." Much appreciated.