Sunday, July 29, 2007

Islanders New Uniform Update

Remember those frightening mock-ups we first saw a while back for the New York Islanders? The image on the left should jog your memory. It's scary.

Then somebody put that into a jersey template which turned out like this. And it didn't leave any of us feeling any better about it.

Well anyway, I was surfing around yesterday and came across something that appears to substantiate that blurry photo. But again, we don't know anything for sure as the Isles have yet to make any sort of official announcement.

It looks to me like one of those moon bounce things kids play on at church carnivals and the like. Inside it is a painting of a giant New York Islanders player (#79, Yashin?) wearing a jersey with a new style — one that looks an awful lot like the jerseys in that photo.

So take that photo for what it's worth. The person who posted it said he saw it at Stony Brook University. For more on that, go here.

By the way, I found another template designed based on that infamous photo above over at Islanders Castaway.

That's all I've got for the Isles today. Thoughts, comments?


retro said...

I'm usally very critical of jersey designs....but I don't really see the problem with the new Islander's jersey. I don't find it too radical at all.

kronis said...

As I die-hard Islanders fan, I'm wholly against any sort of change from the current look. The only acceptable change would be to go back to royal blue from the current navy. Any of those proposed Isles jerseys for next year look absolutely god-awful. I will be embarrassed for my team and the players if they end up having to wear something that looks like any of these supposed next year designs. Yuck.

Chris said...

I get where you're coming from. Those designs are way too busy. Right now what they wear is simple and classic (um, the orange third not so much).

But as upsetting as it may be, all indications are leading us to believe those new uniforms will look an awful lot like what we've already seen. I'm waiting for some official word from the team, though. Thanks for commenting, guys!

Anonymous said...

Found new Canucks jersey!

Anonymous said...

The Islanders NEED god-awful jerseys to distract the eye from their even MORE god-awful arena.